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This Entrepreneur Is making easy money revolutionizing influencer marketing aims to Grow a digital influencer with a new agency management

The new generations have grown up with smartphones, Instagram and TikTok offer the possibility of publishing content to reach anyone in any part of the world in a short time. They do not want to grow and enter the world of work as previous generations. Instead, they want to carve out their path by becoming an influencer. This is precisely the case of Moussa Sall, an Italian entrepreneur with Senegalese origins, who at the age of 18 managed to get out of the comfort zone and start the challenges necessary to achieve his goals, representing the beginning of the road to success by founding SLATT AGENCY and SLATT ACADEMY a management agency for managing digital influencers and an academy for micro-influencers.

From Talent Scout to Entrepreneur

From an early age, passion and dedication were working with famous and well-known people the dream of many fans. Moussa sall also known as youngsallbaby started as a talent scout for some collaborators, companies, brands, and then step by step he was increasingly requested by high-level agencies but his dream was to represent an agency and not work as an employee.

Overcoming fear and getting results

According to Moussa’s Ideas, the greatest limitations of an entrepreneur are the fear of failure and the negative judgment of people: friends and family. To overcome the first you need to have self-confidence “The best way to start and stop thinking and talking and acting” for negative judgment just remember that “you will never be criticized by someone more successful than you will be criticized only by those who I never made it, and it is not successful. “

Be inspired by the best this will give you extra motivation to do it, be determined, set your goals, and do everything to reach your goal, Trust your potential is an essential thing, and think big. Towards the top. To be successful you have to make mistakes and learn from your mistakes to never make them again and finally never give up.

TikTok his success

During the quarantine, he decided to open a TikTok account in the first 3 days he publishes 4 videos of which one is popular with over 100,000 viewings in 3 days from there he understood that it was a very interesting social network and from there I start working on the platform. Now TikTok currently has over 700 million users worldwide, making it one of the top 10 social networks worldwide. We see great potential in the agencies of the future to help clients around the world.


His main goal is to bring his agencies to the top in Italy, he does not take away from Italian agencies, he says they are too far behind the levels of European or American agencies, to be happy to travel, to achieve financial freedom, and to feel that he has achieved all the goals it has set. Moussa does not feel like an experienced entrepreneur, he believes that there is always something new to learn to go towards the goal.

This Entrepreneur Is making easy money revolutionizing influencer marketing aims to Grow a digital influencer with a new agency management

Moussa Sall: Chief Executive Officer SLATT AGENCY

an agency that deals with providing consultancy in the commercial and marketing fields, market surveys, brokerage activities, and the hiring and transfer of representatives; as part of this activity, the agency is interested in providing support to entities/companies and individuals who intend to promote their brand (s) and/or product (s) through social media, making use of the collaboration with our creator, which the same proposes to select and identify, according to the customer’s needs, and promoting commercial collaborations between them.

SLATT also intends to provide advice to creators on how to achieve their professional goals, committing to increase their activity and visibility, in particular, by promoting their activity

he also revealed to us that he is ready for his second project for an academy of talents

slatt academy to help emerging companies grow and monetize and at the same time help drop shippers and smaller brands to increase their turnover.

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