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Maximizing Your Time: A Guide To A Productive Day

Imagine this: your alarm goes off at 6 am, you eat breakfast, get some exercise in, shower, get dressed for the day, work your hours, eat lunch, finish your work, eat dinner, and finally you go to sleep to do it all over again tomorrow. Everyone has their definition of a productive day since everybody in this world has different priorities. I believe it is important for everyone to maximize their day, in whichever way they find more convenient. If that is to wake up early to work out and get their day started at 6 am, then so be it. We have to take into count that this is the 21st century, therefore some people have the opposite schedules and end their day at 6 am.  Regardless, it’s only fair that you maximize your day for your productivity. Here are a few ways to make the most of your 24 hours:

Wake Up Early Enough to Make Breakfast.

  As I mentioned above, everyone wakes up and goes to sleep at different times, depending on their career, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time for breakfast. If you can get up early enough to make breakfast and continue your day, then you are doing it right. Early for some might be 5 am, meanwhile those who work the night shift would call 5 pm early. Setting this goal for yourself will allow you to get energy in your system so you can think about what you will be doing for the day. It might sound really easy to do, but a lot of people skip breakfast, therefore making them feel sluggish and not being productive.

 It’s surprising to think that just one little thing that can help you maximize your day is crazy, but it’s more crucial than you think. If you can discipline yourself to fuel your body before you start the entire day then you have enough discipline to finish other tasks. I like to wake up 2 hours before I need to do anything because it allows me to get up, eat breakfast, and do an activity that will get me ready for the day, whether it is exercising, listening to Confidence Tones, or meditating. Give yourself the time to prepare yourself for the tasks you’ll complete that day. 

Write Down Your Tasks.

It doesn’t have to be written in a special planner that you carry around, it can be right on your phone or a sticky note. Keeping track of what you need to do for the day will allow you to make sure you finish your tasks. When you make this a habit, it’ll be easier to get things done and not procrastinate. Sometimes it’s also good to give yourself a time frame in which you need to finish your tasks because then you won’t wait till the last minute. It is as easy as writing down that you will be having lunch at 12:00 pm and your next activity will start at 1:15 pm. You will be aware that you need to finish your lunch in a certain time span so you can transition into your next task. At the end of the day, you can look at your list and check off all the things you accomplished.

You will be surprised how much you can do when you stay committed to a schedule. 

Learn How to Say No.

Most of the time individuals have too much on their plate because they fill up their schedules with too many events. Of course, it is good to network and complete obligated tasks, but you don’t have to say yes to everything you’re invited to. Make sure you are completing work without procrastinating. You are not obligated to meet with people unless it was planned weeks before. If you are afraid of what others might say to you for turning them down, just remember that you can’t control everyone’s opinions of you. 

Another thing to remember is that sometimes meetings with people can wait a few days. Focus on your priorities first! In my experience, it is easy to commit to plans that sound like a good idea at the moment, but sometimes I take a step back and think about how my schedule looks like. When I’m booked, I make sure to let the person know so that they can follow up at a later time. Don’t be afraid to say no to things that might interrupt the flow of productiveness for the day. 

Limit Your Distractions.

Keep that phone far away from you, unless you need it for important business. It’s completely fine if you have to take a call or check on messages, but after that is done, put away that phone. Also, don’t forget to turn off that Netflix series you’re watching, click off that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tab, and finish those tasks. Use your free time to check on your social life. Personally, I use my phone often for business calls or messages and sometimes to play music or listen to podcasts. Some people work well when listening to ambiance noise in the background and others might find that too distracting, therefore you can do what works best for you. By limiting your distractions, you can finish your tasks of the day without any issues. Remember you are trying to maximize your time, therefore the minutes that you waste looking at your social media lessens your productivity. 

Final Thoughts

So, did you imagine having a productive day? 

If you did, then take action and make it real life. If you didn’t, try again until you figure out how you can truly maximize your day. 

Remember that everyone works differently and sometimes people have bad days. Don’t stress yourself too much on having a perfect day, rather, focus on lessening the distractions that don’t allow you to fully maximize your time. Learn about what helps you stay on task as well as the times your brain needs a break. Not every day has to be a productive one since sometimes one needs time to breathe. It’s okay to get back on the productive track the next day. 

How will you start your productive day and maximize your time?

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