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Lake Ridenour’s Takes the World of Cinematography by Storm

Storytelling can be a musing form of art, and while there may be many ways to tell a story – ones told through the lens of a camera are always the most captivating. Lake Ridenour took the idea of telling a story through the lens of his cameras and elevated it to another level, all through being self-taught and many, many obstacles.

It’s said that when life sends you down a difficult path, don’t ask, “why me?” Rather, you should try to see what you can learn from it and how you can come out even stronger. Ridenour grew up following the same philosophy. He grew up in a rather small town with just about 10,000 people, but Ridenour wanted more; he had a dream to tell people’s stories through his passions, photography and cinematography. Ridenour lost his brother and \grandmother when he was only in high school. The loss of the two people he most cared for became the ultimate catapult for Ridenour’s career because he decided to live his life for both of them.

Following his passion and dream, Ridenour left the monotonous life back in his hometown and came to Miami, Florida. The shock of moving from a small town to one of the busiest cities in the world struck him through all the new faces and Miami’s fast-moving world. Ridenour took this as a challenge to not only survive in this fast-paced world but to thrive in it.

Ridenour started his production company called Lake Front Productions. His company was created from the same love he has of telling people’s stories with the most intricate details that will have a lasting impact on its viewers. For someone self-taught, Ridenour has outdone himself with his achievements and the success of his production company. He became an editor for a digital social media marketing company with over 3,000 clients. Ridenour went on to create a full-on docu-series, which is no easy feat. He has also shot for the award-winning magazine Sports Illustrated by capturing the passions and lives of the swimsuit models. On top of all that, Ridenour also serves as a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Even with Ridenour’s skyrocketing success as a cinematographer, he has kept the essence of his passion alive. He continues to photograph in lifestyle, automotive, low-light, and other styles, and he is also continuing his work in cinematography and videography.

Ridenour examines a person from multiple angles and then tells their story in the most multi-dimensional way. His production company aims to teach and inspire others – how so many different stories and lives can come together and enhance many upcoming ones.

Ridenour’s plans for this mighty vision of his are not slowing down anytime soon. He plans to grow his production company with the burning passion he has for his work. While at the same time, he wants to continue telling many stories to come that can inspire others to turn their dreams into a reality.

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