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A 9/11 Survivor story never told before

Podcast & TV Show Host Carlos Siqueira interviewed on 09/11/2021 Sophia Cannon who was 18 years old and pregnant walking down from the 92nd floor where the floor underneath her collapsed. 

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20 years ago on 09/11/2001, Sophia Cannon was 18 years old and pregnant going up on the elevator inside the world trade center going to work on a normal Tuesday like any other before. She had no idea that the world was no longer going to be the same after that day. 

She decided to face her own demons that hunted her down for 19 years before she shared her story exclusively on the Carlos Inspire Show; hosted by Carlos Siqueira who she felt safe sharing her story because she can relate to some of the trauma Carlos himself went through in his own life as a child surviving the violent streets of Brazil. 

Carlos Siqueira was inside the Twin Towers two days prior to 09/11/2001 where they both talked about their stories of how important it is not allowing the bad things that happened to all of us humans to hunt us down. The above was taken by Carlos Siqueira on 09/09/2011 from the state of Liberty capturing the Word Trade Center for the last time. 

Sophia suffered for almost 19 years with those images in her head of people dying. As we all know, very few survived who were above that crash impact inside the World Trade Center. Sophia was 100% convicted that she was going to see her son being borne. Carlos is an incredible show host that makes his guests feel like family. Carlos is very good in getting them to be open and describing in complete details events that happened and shaped our lives. 

Carlos loves to bring the audience into those moments as if it was now. So During the interview, 

Carlos asks Sophia, “How many people were there with you walking down?” 

Sophia responds, ‘’There was a lot people on around me walking down when the floor collapsed and then there wasn’t no one else jumping the floor with me. That hurt…”  

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Carlos also shares about all the hurt and anger that hunted him down as a child who had to work since he was 7 years old to help his widowed mother. Carlos went through many horrific things that no child should have to endure or see growing up.  Carlos was very emotional to do this episode live as he just lost 2 of his favorite uncles and his grandpa in the last 3 weeks. One of them passed 48 hours ago. But he knew that this episode needed to be done because there is someone out there suffering right now who had to hear Sophia and his story sharing how to take horrific moments from life and turn them into inspiring stories, strength, and a drive to change things around. 

Nothing is going to change unless we change. We live in a very divided world. We hope that stories like this can bring others together instead adding more fire to all division out there. We hope that humans can come together in harmony and love again, the same way how total strangers came together 20 years ago during this terrific event to support the lives who were lost during 9/11. 

In Carlos Siqueira own words: 

“We pray for the families of everyone who lost a love one around on 9/11 and the thousands more who lost their life due to the wars we faced past that incident. Don’t give up on humanity. The Days that break us, are truly the days that makes us. At the end, everything will be ok my friend; and if is not ok. It’s not the end.”

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