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DJ DeeLeww breaks barriers and makes history as first female DJ for The Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters are back on the road with their newest tour, “Spread Game” and they’ve added some new faces. One of these newcomers is Prince George’s county Maryland native DJ Deeleew, who was recently appointed as official DJ for the traveling sports brand. Her addition marks the first time in Globetrotter history that a female has dominated the mix-tables during the high octane performance events. A Rutgers graduate, DeeLeww has created a diverse arsenal of experiences for herself from radio to label interning and creative direction. A dancer at heart, the multi-faceted creative found her passion for the turntables by chance after a move to Atlanta, GA. She quickly began to ascend the ranks of music mix culture from chances to spin for Jermaine Dupri and the WNBA all the way to mix features on satellite radio giant Sirius XM’s Hip Hop channels. The move to the Globe Trotters cements DeeLeww as a undeniable force and trendsetter, making history as she travels thru the year-long stateside and international sports dates. Each city is filled with a diverse crowd of fans, entertaining segments for all ages and good ol’ passion for basketball. The tour’s current push is centered around the Globetrotter’s determination to acquire an official team license from the NBA, something by the looks of their forward thinking attitude and angling seems long overdue.

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