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Dommy Blanco: The new innovative artist breaking boundaries in music, fashion and technology.

At only 25 years old, Dommy Blanco is just getting started on laying out his visions for the future and influencing all generations with new ideas.

Throughout history there has always been certain people that exhibit the ability to change culture. Through perseverance, hard work and dedication these people inspire new sets of ideas, new beliefs, new inventions or simply a new way of looking of looking at things. One of those people of this generation is, Dommy Blanco.

Who is Dommy Blanco, you ask? Dominic Garguiolo “Dommy Blanco” is an American artist from New York. Growing up in Buffalo, NY he took his passion for art and creating serious at a very young age. After moving to Los Angeles and turning 25, he is beginning to find himself in the limelight.

Dommy Blanco is drawing attention from all over the world—with his unique sense of style, outspoken personality, creative direction and music that is one of a kind. It’s evident, he is clear to to stay.

Recently, he dropped a new polarizing track titled “God, are you listening”? Touching on a number of social issues and raising awareness to important current affairs. This single is streaming on all platforms and video currently on his YouTube channel Dommy Blanco produced by Snowdaze.

So what’s next? Since having already dropped Sweet and Sour Volume 1 and 1.5 from his infamous Sweet and Sour trilogy, Dommy is currently in the studio working on his Sweet and Sour 2 titled “Death of the Rat”. Dommy Blanco surely doesn’t shy away from controversial subject matter and showcasing his intellectual abilities , so it’s expected that this album won’t be any different. After all it is Sweet & Sour.

Look out for his first single off Sweet and Sour 2 “Ethereum” coming out September 7th, 2021. His new music video “Ethereum” utilizing 3D imaging and blockchain technology to allow NFTs to be made, drops at 7:00 pm the same day . “Ethereum” is dropping September 7th, 2021 and you can expect to listen to it on all platforms. Make sure to follow his social media’s and subscribe to his website at or his YouTube channel.

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