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Youngest “Golden Chart” Champion Singer Emiliano Cyrus’ latest hit single “Autumn Rain” Crowned 4 Champions dominating 3 music charts in China

A Triple Threat Extraordinaire Iconic Idol, Singer, Actor, International Child Celebrity affirmed by Channel News Asia (“CNA”), Singapore-born-Chinese-Portuguese, Emiliano Cyrus aged 13 is not only an international media favourite “Singapore Electro-Pop Prince” “Music Wonder Boy” cum a champion kart racer and a champion gymnast, but also a certified golden chart champion singer by China National Radio, this young almighty heartthrob fondly known as Wonder Boy who so far crowned 8 champions in total with 3 singles on authoritative music charts in China music scene.

【Singapore Entertainment News】3 Sept 2021

Recently, prominent media helmed “21st century warmest child voice” the youngest champion celebrity singer Emiliano Cyrus|EC Yiping, crowned 4 Champions dominating 3 authoritative music charts in China with his 12th single “Autumn Rain” within 3 weeks of its debut. This song topped both the renowned music charts of “Universal Music Chart” & “Global Chinese Golden Chart” (“Golden Chart”), during its 1st week of launch and also emerged as a double champion on both “City Pop Music Chart” & “Global Chinese Golden Chart” in the 3rd week. Mentioned in the issue of 210716-210806 “Golden Chart”, there were many notable mega stars in the Chinese music industry, such as Jackson Wang Jiaer, Cai Xukun, Wang Yuan, Gong Jun, Zhang Yunlei, Chris Li Yuchun, Li Ronghao, etc. The competition was a fiercely intensive tough fight like no other. What a glorious accomplishment to be able to attain all champions through the consecutive weeks in the “Golden Chart” with such ferocious competition. This proves the growth of the unshakable strength and popularity of Emiliano Cyrus.


This is not the first time for this Singapore-born-Chinese Portuguese to have achieved such outstanding results, dating back to his 10th single “Sweet Fragrance” a movie theme song which make him the youngest certified champion singer by the China Media Group and China National Radio on “Golden Chart” on 25th Dec 2020. This youngest record breaker was also the crowning triple champion on “Golden Chart” continuously for 3 weeks in March 2021 for his 11th single “Long Sword”, a 3D animation opening theme song on Bilibili.

It is a global phenomenon that Emiliano Cyrus became the youngest child artist ever in history who has been crowned the title of golden champion, certified by China Media Group (“CMG”) also known as “Voice of China”, is the predominant state media company by means of radio and television broadcasting in the People’s Republic of China. It was founded on 21 March 2018 as a national holding firm for China Central Television (“CCTV”), China National Radio (“CNR”), China Radio International (“CRI”) and China Global Television Network (“CGTN”). “Global Chinese Golden Chart” is the most important stage for Chinese music. It combines the resources of global Chinese radio stations and popular music platforms jointly create an Indicative and Authoritative global Chinese pop music. It soon became an authoritative and respected music vane within the industry! 

“Autumn Rain” is the movie theme song for “Distant Home” (originally known as “Home, Spring and Autumn”), a story based on poverty, reflecting the true lives of ordinary families set in a rural remote village, Pengshui of Chongqing City surrounded by the vast beautiful mountainous landscapes. It vividly reflects the changes faced by the poverty-stricken lives of masses. Emiliano Cyrus was supposed to be starring in this movie as an optimistic protagonist who is suffering from cancer however due to the pandemic, travelling was not possible hence it’s unfortunate that he couldn’t act in this movie. “Long Sword” is the opening theme song for listing company Bilibili’s annual Major production “Sword Storm” released on 2nd March 2021, a futuristic realism 3D animation. “Sweet Fragrance” is the official theme song composed by Ms Zeng Yan, a “Golden Horse Award-winning” musician, for the movie in China, where he acted as the young lead, titled “Covenant of Slam Dunker” a tale of high school basketball team in pursuit of their dreams, exuding positive youth vibes with sports vitality hailed with determination and perseverance in a showcase of unity and sportsmanship, that was released in China cinemas in December 2020.

 “Autumn Rain” is composed and written by the famous Singapore talented music producer Roy Li Fei Hui, the winner of “Golden Melody Awards” in China, who also brought about many popular songs in the Chinese Pop Music industry. Composed classic songs like Jeff Chang “Love Like a Tide”, Tony Leung “Sad Lover”, Eric Moo “When I Think of You”. He is well-known in the Asian music scene and awarded many top music charts such as best male singer, best local singer, best composition, best lyrics, best album, and best producer. As a pioneer of the music industry, Roy Li pays special attention to discovering talented singers of the younger generation. “Autumn Rain” is not the first collaboration between Emiliano and Roy. Emiliano’s own unique ethereal and pure voice is highly recognized and attracted Roy Li as his music mentor, resulting in countless collaborations “Long Sword” Emiliano’s 12th single.

 “Autumn Rain” the rhythm at the beginning of the song is psychedelic, forming a lyrical atmosphere that slowly unfolds, Emiliano using his crystal clear, pure & highly memorable voice to lead us into the throbbing of “the blue-sky hides ” which Roy Li is known to exceptionally express such emotions. As the song progresses on, the melody gradually becomes louder, paired with Emiliano’s powerful vocal cords & rhythmic tempo switching the mood of the movie “Distant Home” to a climax of sweet, beautiful, and emotional. Emiliano’s warm voice is penetrating and full of tenacity. To release all the power contained in this song, combined with the psychedelic and hazy, richly layered tune, makes it beautifully complementary. The poetic lyrics translates confusion and bravery of chasing one’s dreams. It speaks about a beautiful masterpiece which signifies rain washing away one’s illusion, lighting up the paths of dream. A song of dreams, hopes, determination and destiny untold, Emiliano conveys hope and light with his powerful vocals. A song that drives you to push past obstacles & boundaries, making “the impossible” possible.

Well-known as “Singapore Electro-Pop Prince” and “Wonder Boy”, his first single “Wonder Boy” debuted in 2017, followed by “The Closest Embrace” in 2018 which helmed as “The Warmest Child Voice of the 21st Century”, Emiliano Cyrus is popular for his live performances where he is often invited performing LIVE on international stage by many countries like USA, France, Philippines, Malaysia, and of course Singapore and China. For his epic live performances since he was 10 years old with his most notable SOLO LIVE performance in front of a 50,000 avid music lover audience at Nanchang Music Festival for 30 minutes non-stop where he rocked out 5 of his singles with LIVE band, shared the same stage with Chinese mega stars Hua Chenyu and Chris Li Yuchun. Affirmed by Channel News Asia as an “International Child Celebrity” as well as many China media. Today, he is a force to be reckoned with in both the international entertainment scene & the global music industry where his vocal cords go beyond his age, proving age is just a number and success is possible through immense hard work, sweat and long nights.  The future is filled with a road of opportunities and endless possibilities for this young star. As he continues to rise towards more fame, there will be more collaborations and endorsements. He is the perfect definition of an artist who is bold enough to dream with a heart full of passion. Emiliano Cyrus, is now a 13-year-old “Teen Celebrity” with international influence, a truly almighty triple threat extraordinaire iconic idol, who has emerged as the pioneer representative of the millennial generation. The future of Emiliano will surely bring about new hopes & astounding creative contributions to the Global Chinese music scene!

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