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Surprising the Industry and Wall Street CK Talent Management finalizes acquisition of Top Music Management Agency

While talent management agencies are struggling to hold on to employees, their assets, clients or ultimately being forced to sell them off to survive during the pandemic, CK Talent Management, LTD. has been expanding to the shock of many including those on Wall Street. The top international talent management agency is now making another expansion into music management. This time the top international talent management agency has set it sites on acquiring Timelapse Music Group, LLC, which includes its music management division. We have learned that Timelapse Music Group a decade old music management company, has been fully acquired in its entirety by CK Talent Management. Since CK Talent Management and Timelapse are privately held companies we do not know what the terms of the deal are, but industry insiders and those close to the deal tell us that they estimate it to be a multi-million dollar deal. This acquisition was a surprise to many in the entertainment industry and on Wall Street.

CK Talent Management did this similar large expansion three years ago, when the top agency acquired FLU3NT, which was the Africa continent’s largest talent agency. The then rumored multi-million dollar deal, which we eventually learned was an all cash deal, rocked the talent management industry, when CK Talent’s bid was accepted by FLU3NT’s Board out bidding other well-known agency with a cash offer. This left the industry rubbing their heads and asking questions like “who is CK Talent?” CK Talent is a privately held company and to many financial analysts on Wall Street and Investment Bankers surprise they did not have to leverage its assets, sell stock or borrow money to finalize the Africa acquisition. Most acquisition deals of this nature require talent management agencies to leverage stock, borrow against assets or borrow huge amounts of revenue from financial institutions in order to secure such deals when they expand or acquire other companies. So when CK Talent acquired FLU3NT (now known as CK Africa) it shook those in the industry because many of the lending or financial institutions that normally handle these transaction were not part of the deal and were not needed to transact the deal. CK then replicated this same type of deal on a smaller scale two years ago when they bought a talent management agency in Australia garnering them a foothold down under, again shocking those in the industry and Wall Street. This past year CK further expanded their already foothold in Russia, though they did not acquire an agency there they expanded again not needing to leverage any assets or borrow any funds to set up shop there. CK Talent Management is currently the only foreign Talent Management Agency fully operating in Russia and its Russia division roster is already impressive, boasting the founders of the largest television network in Russia and several of the networks news correspondents as well as many well-known actors there. One of their talent received an award in excellence in media from Vladimir Putin.

So now CK Talent has done it again, announcing that it has finalized another large acquisition rumored to be in the multi-million’s of dollars and again rumored to be an all cash deal, this time acquiring Timelapse Music Group, LLC. Including its roster of well-known recording artists, staff, music licensing, logos, company name, divisions, entities, etc. The parent company and its divisions will now be combined/consolidated and absorbed into CK Talent Management, which will now operate as CK Talent’s new music division. Timelapse’s staff in the parent company and its divisions will now become CK Talent Staffers in the agency’s new music division. CK Talent Management already has well established and respected talent management divisions including Creative, Pitch, Theatrical and Sports. Those divisions already have an extensive roster of whose who of well-known talent.

Timelapse’s roster is equally impressive which we think made it attractive to CK Talent. Timelapse was started a decade ago and has rocked the industry with deals with well known music labels and music publishers like Creative Music Publishing. During the pandemic Timelapse was working on a deal with Justin Bieber, through his manager Scooter Braun, where Beiber would partner with Timelapse’s Recording Artists for a benefit charity concert.

Timelapse’s roster includes recording artist Micah Martin, whose is a well-known EDM artist and whose fan base is more than half a million strong on Spotify. Micah Martin is a vocalist who debuted on Monstercat by providing vocals for Kayzo‘s & SLANDER‘s single Holy, which was released on October 27, 2017 and featured on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 3Monstercat – Best of 2017 and Dilapidation Celebration EP. Martin will be joined on the roster by well-known celebrity music producer Mike13 (already signed with CK Talent) in the new music divisions roster. Mike13 whose clients include LLCoolJ, Enminem, NAS, Wycleafjean, DJpremier, RunDMC, Joey badass, Slaughter House, Pauley Perrette and Questlove to name a few. He also is credit with music on popular TV shows like True Blood (HBO), Ray Donovan (Showtime), NCIS (CBS) and NCISLA (CBS). He also has has collaborations with MTV, WarnerChappell and Defjam. Also joining the roster will be Hip-Hop artist Justice who won multiple awards for her music, including Artist of the Year and Song of the Year through the International Music Association.

Timelapse’s Group’s CEO Andrew Lazar will be retained on to head the new music division at CK Talent. Lazar is a well-known music talent manager and is a music reporter who writes for various music outlets about the industry. Lazar is a editor and contributing writer for many musica publications including Tillate Magazine (US Editor), DJ Magazine (Contributing Writer, US), EDM World Magazine (Contributing Writer) and the DJ List. He was also an A&R at Entercoms ALT 94.9FM  on the In The Mixx syndicated radio show working alongside the host (DJ IDeaL and Samantha (Program Director) we’re he curated the stations whole show. Lazar was also the US representative for Clubbing Central, a company where DJ’s and Club owners can catalogue their assets by location, genre and post event Listings and the latest new on popular groups. Lazar was also a judge at the Niagara Music Awards. The Niagara Music Awards in Canada is the Region’s largest musical award show promoting the unparalleled talent that the Niagara region has bred!

Most of Timelapse’s staff will be retained as mentioned earlier and those retained will now become staffers of CK Talent Management, LTD. This is a big step forward for the international talent agency which is currently ranked among the top 5 of international talent management agencies by Medium Magazine, Barron’s Magazine (sister publication to the Wall Street Journal) and HuffPost. Adding a music division many believe is the final step for the agency in their world-wide expansion since they already signed a deal to operate in the Pacific Asia region with Remark Entertainment two years ago and acquired the largest talent agency in Africa three years ago. CK Talent has represented Recording Artists in the past, including one of their pop artists having their song in a major Hollywood film, as the films theme song. They also did a separate deal with LH7 Management for one of their recording artist in order for them to work with Bruce Wiegner, one of LH7’s Music Producers. Wiegner was represented by Brian Teefey owner of LH7 on the deal, who is also Selena Gomez’s step-father and former manager.

“Timelapse will continue to operate as it always has and service their distinguished roster of clients with the same level of service their clients have come to expect. It was natural for us to look at Timelapse as a possible acquisition as they were established over a decade ago and have demonstrated a strong presence and are well respected in the music management industry.” – Craig Rogalski, Managing Talent Manager and Founder – CK Talent Management, LTD.

We hear that Timelapse will be renamed at some point to CK Music, which is the pattern of practice for CK Talent. Since they did this with their other divisions eventually re-branding them with the CK name. We expect that with CK Talent’s resources, presence and reputation world-wide, that Timelapse will be expanding it’s reach in the music industry to opportunities world-wide for its impressive list of recording artists and expanding its roster.

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