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Serial Entrepreneurs Sophia Weston and Cortez Hollis Set To Tie The Knot

Lovers and founders of Protein Water, Sophia Weston and Cortez Hollis, announce plans to stage the best wedding of the year after an “out-of-this-world” proposal

Sophia Weston and Cortez Hollis have been friends for a few years and started hanging out before realizing they shared similar dreams and goals, subsequently deciding to take the relationship to another level. Cortez and Sophia, founders of Protein Water, remained close and the rest as they say is history, with the entrepreneurial duo recently announcing plans to have the best wedding of the year as they look to make the relationship official.

The case of Sophia Weston and Cortez Hollis can be rightly described as a match made in heaven, with the duo overcoming several challenges to preserve their love, ultimately growing closer mentally and spiritually amidst increasing obstacles.

Sophia Weston and Cortez Hollis have practically been through it all, including when Cortez tore his Achilles and could not walk. Their love seems to have blossomed under strong challenges, cutting off social media and focusing on self-development, including being in therapy to become better individuals and amazing partners.

Expectedly, Cortez Hollis got the blessing of Sophia’s family to marry their daughter and their sister even as Sophia solicited the support of her father in their business with the belief that they were going to a “business gala” in Chicago as Cortez wanted to propose to his better half in her best possible outfit. The prank turned out great, Cortez proposed to Sophia at the London House ontop of downtown Chicago in the presence of family and friends who flew in to be a part of the event even amidst the Covid-19 restrictions.

The proposal featured a live singer, one of the best videographers and photographer in Chicago and of course, Sophia Weston said YES in amazement and tears of joy.

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