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How Tommy Rodriguez Built His Business Empire via Amazon Automation

Every successful business starts as an innovative idea that solves a problem or crisis. Business is not only about convincing people to buy your products; it is much more than that. It involves people who have built the business up through hard work and effective strategies because they, too, want to prosper along the way. Tommy Rodriguez is one such entrepreneur who believes in running a sustainable business that benefits both his employees and customers. The 34-year-old automation mogul has created an app called TROD that fast tracks the automation process for his clients.

Rodriguez was born and brought up on the streets of Boston. Being homeless as a kid, he learned how to survive much earlier in life than most would. He worked many odd jobs just to earn a living but never really achieved the satisfaction he was craving in any of them. With a vague idea of what he wanted to do with his life, Rodriguez went back to get his GED and failed. Unfortunately, it didn’t land him a fulfilling job where he could utilize his entrepreneurial skills.

Life took a positive turn in 2012 when 24-year-old Rodriguez came across a CPA marketing advert on Twitter. What initially lured him in was the free trial the company was offering. He thought of giving it a try. It was difficult for him to initially navigate the CPA marketing space, but with perseverance and hard work, he mastered it in no time.

Rodriguez worked 18 to 20 hours a day to learn how to convince potential customers to buy a product or generate leads through creating content. As he got the hang of things, Rodriguez began earning just enough money to pay his bills. Even though his financial crunch persisted, he was doing something that intrigued and challenged him. At this time, Rodriguez also got job offers from different companies but rejected all of them just to prosper in marketing.

After a couple of years, he discovered the endless possibilities of dropshipping on eBay. He instantly knew it was his field of interest and began his research. After a period of trial and error, he managed to learn the basics. He expanded his network to dropshipping managers just to learn every last detail of the business. In 2014, he started to branch out his dropshipping stores to different sites to create multiple sources of revenue. The idea worked, and the money came rolling in.

To scale up his career, Rodriguez hired freelancers after a year of trial and error selling on Amazon to help assist with his stores. After 3 and a half years and teaching Amazon dropshipping to others, he created a service called Amazon automation. With this system, clients hire Tommy and his team to maintain their dropshipping stores on Amazon on their behalf while utilizing their credit. Rodriguez used this platform to create a separate business network that made him stand out. Rather than working as a drop shipper for a client on Amazon, he hired more than 200 people and trained them using his experience and expertise.

With a team of talented drop shippers, he started his company Automation Empire. The company works with Amazon clients, helping them grow their dropshipping stores. It focuses on mutually benefiting the employees and the client.

Since its inception, Automation Empire has grown consistently. One reason may be their unique policy to generate revenue by serving people rather than doing business at their expense. Tommy Rodriquez has now become a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs in the automation space with his futuristic business concept. He hopes to scale up the growth further by introducing more innovative ideas.

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