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A Gift From Me To You: The Power Of A Woman

The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men releases
September 13th, 2021.

Women are a very important part of every society in the world, but in the past, they have always been overlooked. As a matter of fact, women were not allowed to vote until 1920, along with the fact that they didn’t receive the same education that was available for the opposite gender. For centuries they were only viewed as child-bearers, cooks, cleaners, and all of the other roles women have taken on in this society. If you think about it, women have only been viewed as “equal” for a little over 100 years. It’s absolutely mind-blowing that many people don’t think about it, even though some of our great grandparents lived in that era of inequality. 

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way as a society to uphold the importance of women. My life has been shaped by the presence of powerful women so much that I decided to write about how much I’ve learned from them. The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men, coming out September 13th, is my newest writing venture to give my respect to every powerful woman out there. From life lessons to motivational quotes, this book discusses various ways that women have inspired me to become the successful person I am today. It’s a book you will NOT want to miss. 

We are in a new era where women are more empowered to achieve greater things than their male counterparts. The United States of America has finally seen its first female vice president, since the beginning of our democracy in 1789. That is over 3 centuries of being overpowered by the opposite gender. These achievements might seem very minuscule to some people, but for those that look up to these powerful women, it feels like the world isn’t against them. Some cultures instill machismo [masculine pride] mentalities, into young girls that haven’t been given the chance to see what they can truly do. If these young women are able to see the opportunities that await them, imagine how much of a safer place this planet could be. Whenever my female mentors would train me and made me see things from their positions and perspectives, I finally understood what it meant to be overlooked just because they were women. Guess what? That never stopped them from reaching success because that’s simply how powerful women are! They were unstoppable powerhouses!There are probably various other feelings that I didn’t truly capture because at the end of the day I’m still a male, but it doesn’t take away the fact that women are not viewed as equal. Women don’t need male validation to feel complete, nor do they need advice from men on how to be successful. I wrote this book thinking about how we, as a society, should be empowering women more than ever right now. 

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Women are more than just mothers and wives; they are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and vice presidents. They are leading movements and creating jobs for others, as well as inspiring younger girls to understand they are more than societal standards. Additionally, women are not saviors for men who have problems, nor are they second mothers to do your cooking and cleaning. It’s crazy to have to tell others that women are just humans with the same life span as men, but it’s reality. Men should not be applauded for doing the bare minimum for women because at the end of the day it’s just basic human decency. In the future, I’d like to see a safer environment for women to thrive. The Power Of A Woman is more than just breaking standard gender roles, instead, it’s being seen as an individual who can bring many skills to the table. 

The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men comes out September 13th! Share it or gift it to the powerful women around you that might need a reminder to continue to be a bad*ss. You can also check out my other personal growth books on

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