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You Can’t Do It Alone: It’s Okay To Ask For Help!

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Many people don’t like to admit defeat to their problems and they’ll go as far as to pretend that it doesn’t bother them. Some don’t like to ask for help because they don’t like to feel vulnerable, meanwhile, others just have a lot of pride. Western culture has taught us to value our independence and individuality so much to the point where it seems scary to seek help for anything. In various other cultures, you find that people work in a team to solve a problem that they have and don’t let that individual suffer alone. I believe it’s about time to put our egos down and start asking for help whenever it is needed. 

I understand that asking for help can feel quite embarrassing or that it can bring up bad memories from the past, but it is something that you can always work on. So “How do I start?” you may ask, well here are a few ways:

  1. Realize that others need help too!

Once you break down that barrier within yourself and ask for help, you might see that others are struggling as well. They might be scared to ask for help, which then can perhaps turn into a trade-off. If you offer your help to someone, they can help you too! Now, this doesn’t mean to go offer your help to everyone, but to those closest to you. They will help you understand that it’s okay to ask for help and in exchange, you can help them.

  1. Don’t think too hard about it.

The problem that you are facing might be overwhelming you, which could lead you to overthink. It’s important to take the problem apart and break it down into steps. Meditate, listening to Confidence Tones specifically made for mental health, or even exercise. Sometimes it takes distracting your mind to see where you might need to ask for help and which areas you don’t need to. It’s easier said than done, but don’t forget that changes don’t need to be made overnight. 

  1. It won’t make you look bad.

I understand that it can be hard to ask for help because the ego doesn’t love showing weakness, but remember “Ego is not your amigo [friend].” Whether you want to look strong and independent, long term this coping mechanism won’t help. Eventually, your problems might be too big to handle on your own and you’ll need a shoulder to lean on. Learn to let go of your ego and approach someone for assistance. Every person on this earth has to deal with problems, it’s not just you! 

These are just a few ways in how you can start letting your guard down and learn that it’s okay to ask for help. It can benefit you in a million ways! It could save you time and energy that would’ve gone towards the struggle of finding your own solution to a problem. Some people don’t like being portrayed as weak to others because it might seem less respectable. As a successful entrepreneur, I find it important to acknowledge that no one is perfect, no matter what they have.

Respect has to do more with the good actions you do, than your moments of weakness.

What truly matters is how you react to situations and if you can leave your ego aside to accept help. Take note and keep on going strong!

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