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Meet Mehdi Maamri: Luxury Celebrity adviser

35-year-old French entrepreneur, Mehdi Maamri, has built the perfect bridge between France and the USA in terms of a luxury concierge service.

Born in Paris, Mehdi Maamri had set his sights on achieving something that would create a positive impact. After studying law at the University of Poitiers in France, this Parisian had ambitions for bigger and better things later on in life – something that he strove to achieve to the best of his ability.

Mehdi always had a passion for US culture and lifestyle, admiring everything that it had to offer before moving to the USA in 2015. It was at this time that he was ready to pursue his passion for luxury real estate in North America.

After building his company, Ska Luxury, in 2017, Mehdi then attempted to bring his European network to Los Angeles to raise more extensive success. He started this journey by working in a range of services such as concierge services, private driver services, and luxury exotic car rentals, as well as boat, helicopter, and private plane services – just to name a few! Experiencing so many corners of the luxury service industry allowed Mehdi to grow as a businessman and gain knowledge in his field. Immersed in the luxury that rental agents had to offer, Mehdi Maamri was encouraged to drive his passion further to make an impression on the top athletes, soccer players, and other celebrities located in Los Angeles.

This top luxury house rental agent and advisor surprisingly did struggle in the first year of business due to the competitiveness of this field. However, Maamri started to earn the trust of high-profile celebrities not long after this first year, standing out with the French network after providing them with more than just villa rental services. Mehd took pride in selling the full package of Los Angeles to celebrities, including bodyguard services, restaurant bookings, club bookings, and other experiences to stand out and start making substantial profits. Becoming a consultant, partner, and branding expert for particular celebrities also helped this Parisian develop a new branch in his growing business concerning sponsoring and management. Mehdi Maamri has been able to promote celebrities’ careers with his legitimate

consulting services, negotiate in soccer transfers to clubs and agents, and advise celebrities in real estate investment to develop his business even further.

With his principal goal in the future being to bring the best soccer players into MLS, Mehdi Maamri continues to solidify his dreams in business. The extensive list of celebrities Mehdi has advised includes Antoine Griezmann, Leroy Sane, Adil Rami, Paul Pogba, and even some NBA players such as Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook.

With an immense list of big stars, it’s clear to see that Mehdi Maamri has already made a huge difference in Los Angeles as well as France, making his mark in business across continents. By constructing luxury services for the top celebrities of our times, we can certainly expect this Parisian’s business to expand in the foreseeable future.

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