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Beam Solar Power Is Changing the Solar Industry for the Better

There is no doubt that solar energy is more reliable, convenient, and affordable than other utilities. It’s even more prevalent and accessible across the United States than ever before. It is estimated that approximately 3% of all the power in America comes from solar energy. Though it’s increasingly becoming popular, its full potential is yet to be exploited. Solar is extremely abundant in the U.S, and experts estimate that it could potentially power the entire U.S.   

Florida is among the states leading in the adoption of solar energies. Most of the investor-owned utilities in Florida have incorporated solar generation, a major gain for the green energy industry. In Fact, Florida ranks as the leading Southeastern State in solar capacity.  

However, this was not the case a few years ago, as the State was still lagging in solar adoption. Earlier reports reveal that most businesses and residents in Florida had not embraced the use of solar power. The main cause attributed to the low uptake was the high installation costs that discouraged many residents. That has since changed, and the State is doing exceptionally well in solar energy thanks to industry players such as Beam Solar Energy.

Beam Solar Energy is the fastest-growing solar organization in Florida. The company has played a significant role in championing the adoption of solar energy by making it available to everyone in Florida. Beam Solar Power is giving homeowners options that eliminate reliance on the designated utility company. They have allowed people to go solar for as low as $0 down out-of-pocket and have been credited for their efforts in making the State a green energy hub.

Beam Solar Power was established by Sam Allsopp, a serial entrepreneur, to make solar energy both accessible and affordable to the people of Florida. Among its many programs, the company has designed Beam Solar Power to encourage more solar panels on both residential & commercial roofs in Florida. Beam Solar Power has solar for your business and solar for your home to help people make informative decisions about solar power purchases.

According to Beam Solar Power, reliance on designated utilities for power supply is costly and inconvenient. The utilities reserve the mandate to determine and set the power prices that are often raised by a 5% margin yearly. The margin can even go higher in cases when inflation subsequently kicks in. Unfortunately, homeowners and businesses have been forced to continue renting their power and pay the ever-rising utility prices.

Beam Solar Power has stepped up and offered to help businesses and homeowners free themselves from utility charges. By owning a solar system, you’re in full control of your monthly power expenses that will be fixed.

Beam Solar Power allows you to own your power, all the while saving money compared to the energy rates you pay your utility company to “rent” their energy. Fixed instalments will cover the entire costs while the owner can still enjoy an uninterrupted power supply.

Having a solar panel on your roof also increases the value of your home by an estimated 4% the same day it is installed. In addition, you will get a 26% tax credit from the federal government. Beam Solar Power is determined to become the number one solar energy company in the United States.

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