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Beat Author is making heads turn as he has been on a fantastic journey of producing with the big names in Hip-Hop. So far his collaboration list includes artists like Born Devine, Artofwarr, Melanie Munoz and Drag-On. He has also worked with more popular artists such as Godz Child, Jadakiss and Jay Major as well. His latest single ‘You Already’ that features the legendary Snoop Dogg, Webb the Artist, and Godz Child is cementing his name in the genre as a promising fresh producer we should be looking at.

His future releases will include works with Richie T, Lxander out of the UK, and engineer Jonathan Coming from Staten Island. Beat Author’s focus has been on producing songs in collaboration with other artists, much like how DJ Khaled does, and in the same spirit, he does not shy away from breaking into a hook in his own songs. While his inspirations have been the great names of Hip-Hop such as DMX, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Pac, Naughty by Nature and The Lox, his music has a modern and captivating vibe that can resonate with a wide range of Hip-Hop audiences. 

His latest single is a fresh contemporary hard-hitting number that will still give you a dose of nostalgia about how Hip-Hop sounded a decade ago. The song really has its ‘swag on point, from head to feet.’ Producers like Beat Author, who find their inspirations in the classic sounds and themes of Hip-Hop are the future of the genre. Check his latest release ‘You Already’ featuring Snoop Dogg, Webb The Artist, and Godz Child on Spotify.

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