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PAWGCoin: The Crypto Asset you need

Cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving, with innovations entering the market regularly. $PAWGcoin is a binance smart chain crypto asset that offers unique opportunities to content creators. In addition, it powers transactions on HoneyBabe, an upcoming NSFW content platform that will provide unique monetization strategies for content creators. 

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) 

An NFT is a collectible digital asset that is valuable as a form of cryptocurrency and art. But unlike other traditional or standard cryptocurrencies, you cannot exchange NFTs like for like. They’re unique because they have extra information stored on them that allows them to take on the form of art, music, gifs, and jpegs. So you can buy and sell them like any other art, making them high in demand. Additionally, there are numerous other uses cases of NFT’s that the PAWGcoin team is exploring for the HoneyBabe NFT platform. 

HoneyBabe, powered by PAWGcoin 

$PAWGcoin powers transactions on the HoneyBabe platform, allowing content creators to create and offer exclusive NSFW content to consumers and fans. Whether streaming, live chat, messaging, or NFT’s, HoneyBabe will have the features that top content creators will want to use for fan engagement. 

Why should you go with the crypto asset PAWGcoin? 

$PAWGcoin has upset the viral meme coin market with a cryptocurrency that allows transactions between content creators and enthusiasts worldwide. So if you’re looking to get in on the action, here are some reasons to push you in the right direction. 

– PAWGcoin is 100% safe and has had an audit done by TechRate 

– It plans to have an NFT marketplace populated with content from top content creators. 

– PAWG has a load of big celebrity names and influencers under its belt 

– PAWGcoin offers static rewards that you can earn just for holding 

How does this crypto asset work? $PAWGcoin has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. 

The 10% total transaction fee is divided as below: 

Static rewards – 4% distribution to all holders 

4% marketing wallet 

2% to the liquidity pool, which is locked for 69 years, adding greater safety.

Getting your hands on PAWG Tokens 

1) DOWNLOAD METAMASK BROWSER EXTENSION On Google Chrome, go to the Chrome Store and search for the “MetaMask” extension. Then, install the Chrome extension and set up your wallet. Please follow the instructions carefully and DO NOT LOSE YOUR SEED PHRASE. 

Afterward, you’ll have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list. Instructions for this process can be found here. 


You have a couple of options to buy Binance Smart Chain BNB: directly through Trust Wallet or an exchange like Binance. Once you have BNB, please send it to your wallet address found on the MetaMask Extension. You’ll notice that you’ll have a BEP20 address around your account name, which will always start with “0x”. 


Go to And in the “To” box, click “Select a Currency.” From there, paste this contract address: 0x19B60612F9A93359bca835A788A334D4157E675B into the form field. There will be a message that will ask you to move forward. You’ll want to select yes. Once you’ve added PAWGcoin to PancakeSwap, you can then trade your BNB for PAWG. 

From there, you’ll notice a gear wheel icon. Click that and set the slippage to 12%-13%, and swap your BNB for $PAWG. 


If your MetaMask wallet does not have $PAWGcoins in there, you’ll need to add the token. Copy the Contract Address (0x19B60612F9A93359bca835A788A334D4157E675B) from the PAWGcoin website and click the “Add Token” feature in your MetaMask account. You’ll see an option to copy and paste the PAWGcoin Contract Address, and it will auto-populate with PAWG details. From there, confirm that you’re adding this token and that you are a member of the PAWGcoin Family!

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