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Up and Coming Actor, Benjamin Ortiz, is one to watch in Hollywood

Benjamin Ortiz has had a love for acting ever since he was a child. He began taking acting workshops when he was in middle school, and then continued on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting with a minor in doing Voiceovers at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. Now, his successes have taken him to appear in Channing Tatum’s upcoming film, “Dog.”

Born in Mexico City, Benjamin earned his first role in the independent film industry when he was only 16, in Mexico. The film was called “Los Herederos,” and Ortiz believes it was a great first experience in a film as he was able to learn about different areas of filmmaking.

This experience led to him earning many more roles when he was in college. Throughout his college years, Benjamin worked on twelve shorts, four plays, a couple of voiceover shorts, and truly felt success dawn on him as he then got his first role in the US independent film industry in “Bleed American,” directed by T.A. Manchester.

His filmography includes projects like “The Heirs” (2015), “Righteous Me” (2016), “Bleed American” (2019), “Dog” (2022), and “The Timemaker” (2021). Not only was he an actor in all of these films, but he also is an associate producer for “The Timemaker,” which will be submitted to the renowned Sundance Film Festival.

When preparing for a role, Benjamin tends to be very inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. With each character, he truly wants to understand the personality and background of the character in order to give a more realistic performance. This skill especially comes in handy when preparing for a Drama — his favorite type of film.

To be a successful actor, Benjamin believes one must have incredible talent and have had thorough training; however, he also believes having good values and being willing to form and build relationships within the entertainment industry is extremely valuable. If you are true to yourself, and are willing to follow your dreams, you will get to where you want to be.

He takes his own advice in his music career as well. Currently working on his first EP, Benjamin is a man of many talents. He loves the creativity, peace, and joy that music and acting can bring him, so, though he is more focused on acting, he wants to be able to pursue whatever makes him happy.

Though it is positive that this will be one great album, we are unsure of the contents of the album as it is still early in the process.

Not only do his goals in life consist of being a great actor and musician, but he has a long bucket list that would show true inspiration if he could reach it all.

In his lifetime, the actor and singer hopes to release at least one album, open an acting school with headquarters in different cities, create a Theatre company, create a production company, do a voiceover for Disney, collaborate with other artists, go skydiving, and most importantly, one day be able to give his parents their dream home.

With a long list of hopes and dreams, it is evident that Benjamin will continuously work hard and give it all he’s got. With all of his successes so far, it is thrilling to think of where he may be in the industry just a few years from now.

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