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Spotlight: Straight Outta The Word

The Los Angeles based start up company and ministry, “STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD”, has a full lineup slated for the next ten years, which include up to seven Major Motion Pictures, three Animated Films, a television show, three Albums for each artist along with Mixtape’s, tours and concerts, and seven plays at major venues.

We sat down and spoke with the Artistic Director about the titles and quick overview of each future project. “I’m really excited to dive in head first with these projects that will be very creative and hopefully inspire our generation to think more openly and less discriminatingly, in addition to inspiring artist across all cultures, generations and backgrounds”

The list of films include “SLUM PHARAOH: A MODERN DAY TRAGEDY” set to be released in October of 2023 – That will be about a young man in the slums of Oakland CA that has a mental illness of schizophrenia and is a gang leader that has an encounter with Christ.

EVERYONE’S CHOOSING SIDES: JERUSALEM, Part 2: The Rise of the Black Jews, Part 3: The Roman Empire set to be released in 2025-2027 – These films, will be about an Evil rapper with the swag of Da Baby who is trying to take over the world through his music and it’s up to the good rapper to release music to overtake the spell of the bad rap and once each single and album is released it’s up to the listener to choose sides . If they choose the side of the bad rapper they become enslaved but if they listen to the good rap they can help save the world . There’s also another male vocalist who releases music that helps the listener choose the good. It will include ethnic and homosexual and Christian superhero’s in this film.

GO, CRY TO LUCIFER! Set to be released in December of 2026 – This film will be about an autistic man that has done something very bad that he cannot get out and will effect a mass amount of people in the style of The Kings Speech.



THE BLACK JOKER in 2030 – A faith based version and ethnic version of the joker in the hood.

And also a 3 Part Christian Animated film series GOD IS DOPE, NOT TODAY SATAN, and MISGUIDED RELIGIOUS PEOPLE between 2028-2030.

These films will be multi million dollar budget films and they will employ many well known names, in addition to being on streaming platforms, and international theaters and film festivals. The founder and Artistic Director stated the following, “We are seeking to do things a little bit differently because we are not trying to get our films distributed by a mega company, but instead we are creating partnerships with them to get them on all platforms and in theater nationwide with the possibility of our own small platform for other films and film makers like us”. He mentioned that he would like to create a partnership with Tyler Perry Studios, considering it’s the only African American Film company based on faith foundation, that is up to par with mega companies. We spoke to the artistic director again and this is what he had to say “I am excited to co write each project. I am taking on a powerful role in each film that will hopefully land me academy nominations and wins including the autistic man in one film, the slum pharaoh in another, the music superhero in another, and then finally the black joker in another”.

We did not bring up another major aspect of STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD – which will be the faith based TV show hoping to be in rival vibes with other TV shows such as Atlanta, This is Us, the Chi and the upcoming Fresh Prince revival. It is entitled “Act of Kindness” and it will be based in Oakland Ca and a comedic drama set on a young man trying to make ends meet and still become a successful music star in an apartment complex with his wife, children, parents and grand parents.

The show is set to debut in mid 2024 and will follow the same viewing structure as the films. The company has stated that they are hoping to gain A list stars in each project, some people we are interested in being in the films include people like Zendaya, Anthony Ramos, Timothy Chalamet, and others. They have no affiliation but these name are just a short list.

But in addition to A list stars “STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD” will employ 14 Faith Based performers that will be in each project including the films, plays and music projects in addition to writing some of their own.

The Artistic Director has stated “While its very desired to have A list stars and directors , I envision employing a company that can be just as relevant as successful as any artist . And very wealthy and sought after once they achieve fame”.

In regards to the music label, this company has already landed a partnership with Sony Orchard Music which is a distribution service and company for independent artist and labels.

The Artistic Director states “We are keeping all royalties, artist freedom, and rights to music. Many legends such as Prince have claimed labels as slave chains. I’m no against it and I’m probably gonna sign a side deal for myself.. and seek to be an imprint one day. But with what we are aiming for and building up with this label. This fits and works perfectly”.

The label had personas such as Happyness – young rapper much like Lil Nas X and Roddy Rich and others, Goodness a spoken word female artist a little bit older unlike anything in music today, Kindness who is the artistic director known as August Russell, Egyptian Princess – a relevant young female Faith based rapper who can compete with artist like Coi Leray and Flo Milli, and a male rapper faith based rapper known as Gully from Saint Louis, and 2 sought after male/female vocalist, in addition to about 7 other available positions on the label. The artist will have concerts and tours and albums and mixtape and be promoted to be at the top of the industry without any major label backing.

In addition to the label, STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD will produce plays that will debut at outdoor amphitheater’s, Off Broadway, National dates and eventually Broadway and be recorded and sold.

Amongst all of these other things the Artistic Director and company is hoping to start a clothing line that will sell millions that will feature their slogans and artist names and project titles in addition to slogans such as “I WANNA BE SAVED BUT THEY SAY THAT I CAIN” – which is a personal tag line for the artist KINDNESS, and others that is repeated on his over 13 mixtape and his song”I WANNA BE SAVED”.
In 2021, the artist KINDNESS, is expecting to release his debut album, and a black and white short film, and also 2 Indie Films (One shot in Jerusalem and one at Tyler Perry studios).

The singles on his album he is anticipating charting and Playlisting include “WHY DID THEY KILL JOHN THE BAPTIST”, “EVERYONE WANTS TO EAT”, “LONG LIVE THE KING”, and “PLOTTING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD”. Respectively . Online KINDNESS will have 2 mixtape including the “Lost tribe of Judah” (Film, mixtape) and “KINDNESS IS KEY” (In the style of coloring book), and finally TORTURED ARTIST.

August, he has up to 3 Albums and mixtape planned for his career each along with other artist on the label. Finally he is anticipating a promo tour in early 2021. He is hoping for a well known name to open up for him if he gains prominence. The Artistic Director states this

“Many people have a desire for GOD and worship . Our purpose is to make it relevant and inspire people to make the first step. That’s all we really need to do”.

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