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Roland Ngole is Germany´s leading expert for Vision and Global Mindset

Roland Ngole is an award-winning International Speaker, Author, and founder of achieve the vision academy. Roland Ngole is One of the leading speakers for vision and global mindset. His mission is to help people and corporations to maximize their vision. The passionate and multi-talent vision & global mindset expert is a living proof of the fact that, it is possible to live and achieve your vision. He is often quoted of saying “There is no comfort zone in the pursuit of vision, when you get to the finish line of your current vision , you will capture a vision of something greater, than what your mind had previously conceived”. We got a hold of the award-winning international trilingual speaker Roland Ngole to get Tipps from him on how to become a successful speaker. These are the nuggets that the go-to expert had to share with us.

Clarify your motives

Quiet often, people desire to go speak on the big stages of this world, without having clarified their motives. It is important to know why you wish to become a speaker. Are you driven by a desire to satisfy your ego? Do you have a craving to be in the spotlight? Or are you driven by love and compassion to inspire, help and impact people to improve and better their lives. The question of why you want to go on stage? must be genuinely answered because time will always prove the motives and intention that underride your actions. It is imperative for anyone going into speaking to be driven by a sense of mission, compassion, and a desire to make a positive impact and contribution in the lives of others. If you go into the speaking business with the wrong motives, its just a matter of time you will fade out.

Beat up your craft

There are naturally talented speakers who are making a great impact in the world. Nevertheless, talent alone is not enough to bring you on the Olympia of professional speaking. Don´t allow your talent to get in your way of learning from others. Don´t allow your natural talent to create an ego in you that makes you feel you there is nothing new for you to learn. Be humble regardless of how naturally talented you are as a speaker. Keep on practicing and strive in perfecting your speaking craft. Strive to become a skilled speaker, that will only happen if you spend hours and hours in beating on your speaking craft.

Speak…Speak…. Speak and Speak again

At times, most up-coming speakers only wish to speak to large crowds. Their desire is only to perform their gift when the masses are watching. If you have such a mindset, you will miss out a lot of growth opportunities out there. If you truly wish to become a professional speaker, then cease every opportunity that comes your way to practice your craft. Footballer play football, basketballer play basketball thus, a speaker should use every opportunity and avenue to speak. Even, if it is in the locker room where no cameras are ON. Every speaking opportunity that you cease, no matter how small the group might be, helps you to refine your craft and to find your voice. Thus, speak on every occasion that shows up. When you start out focus on serving people with your speaking gift, don’t focus on monetization. While speaking for free, you will refine your message, gain confidence, and find your voice. At this point in time you won´t even have to start charging for your speaking gig, rather people will start asking you how much you want them to pay you to speak.

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Isaac newton said that the reason he had gone further in life, is because he stood on the shoulders of gains. Giants in this context represent successful professional speaker with a proven successful track record in the speaking industry. They have already gone through all the challenges, the learning process and understand what it takes to succeed in the speaking industry. These successful speakers could teach you a lot. Which will help shorten your learning curve and fast forward your success in the speaking industry. Through, mentorship you will learn through the pain of others and avoid a lot of mistakes on your path to becoming a successful professional speaker.

Join a mastermind

It is often said that environment is stronger than will power. It is imperative for you to surround yourself with likeminded people. Join speaking clubs like Toast master international. Where you will have the opportunity not only to practice your speeches, more so to connect with other amazing people, who wish to improve their speaking craft. Further, joining a professional speakers association is also imperative, because they offer current best practices and insights into how the speaking industry works. There you will have the opportunity to network and connect with successful speaker who could help you take your speaking game to the next level. Most professional speakers’ associations offer reduced membership fees to non-professional members. That implies to people who are not yet making a living through speaking.

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