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A few years back, climate change seemed like a far-off reality that no one hoped to experience in their lifetimes. It’s 2021 now, and things have dramatically changed. As fires rage across the western coast of the United States, persistent heatwaves melt Europe, and flash floods destroy life and property in Asia, climate change has finally arrived. Even with all our technological might, we hardly seem in a position to address and mitigate the catastrophe brought about by climate change. The world doesn’t need more of what it already has. Instead, it needs to cut down on its excessive consumption habits and adopt the philosophy of minimalism. 

In such gloomy times, Best of Machinery emerges as a ray of hope. Based on the premise that people need to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to carve out a better future for the next generations. Best of Machinery is a subsidiary of DBA Marketing, a digital media marketing company based in the United Kingdom. This digital platform serves as a useful tool for people to equip them with the resources to carry out DIY home projects. The platform also offers opportunities to budding businesses to market their products or services online. Currently, it has a monthly readership of one million that continues to grow. 

What are the benefits of DIY projects?

Best of Machinery is popularizing DIY projects among people of all ages and skillsets. DIY projects are a great way to explore your talents and learn new skills. Not only are hands-on activities delightful, but they also have added benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Getting engaged in a DIY project gives people a sense of satisfaction. For instance, completing a minor renovation of their bathroom will make them feel accomplished and happy with their dedication. Also, delving right into a DIY project presents people with an opportunity to learn a valuable skill and sharpen their minds. Lastly, DIY projects can save money as people won’t have to pay a professional a hefty sum to get their lawn spruced up. 

With these benefits in mind, the founders of DBA Marketing, Thomas Phillips and Andrew Gaugler started Best of Machinery on December 19, 2016. They aimed to provide people with the knowledge required for successfully carrying out home décor and gardening projects. DIY enthusiasts can find tutorials on using equipment and numerous creative ideas for refurbishment activities on their website. 

DIY projects may seem straightforward but can eat into other tasks due to a lack of adequate knowledge. Another factor that can hamper one’s success is their unfamiliarity with the tools and machinery. That is where Best of Machinery comes to the rescue. Their tutorials cover each aspect of operating a piece of certain machinery and also provide necessary safety precautions to avoid any damage in the process. 


The Internet is rife with blogs and tutorials on several home décor and gardening projects. Then why should one opt for Best of Machinery? This is because most of the information available online is ambiguous. In some cases, people have also gotten into accidents that could have been easily avoided had the resources been accurate. With Best of Machinery, viewers only receive credible and accurate information curated by DIY researchers and experts. To ensure the platform’s trustworthiness, its founders have incorporated a fact-checking algorithm in the system. The reviewing process is supervised by Best of Machinery’s lead editor Anna Ryan. She manages an incredibly talented team of seven writers, including; Annette Hird, Adrian White, Briana Yablonski, Kimberly Sharpe, Peter Swift, Amanda Shiffler, and Jennifer Howard. 

In current times, Best of Machinery has become even more relevant. As the world grapples with the rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths, and people remain locked inside their homes, there is plenty of free time. Now people can engage in fun activities with family or simply perform a household chore due to the unavailability of outside help. Painting a wall may seem like a great project to carry out with children. Similarly, fixing the bathroom wall could be more of a solitary task. 

Best of Machinery is an excellent guide for DIY lovers and those who want to experiment with new activities and diversify their skillset. The platform is also reminiscent of simpler times when people had the expertise to refurbish their homes. With Best of Machinery, more and more people can become familiar with how different tools work and take the first step towards self-sufficiency. 

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