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William Goodall Has Taken Advantage Of New Business Opportunities With The Advanced Social Media Strategy Of Bay Smokes

Each year, more and more states in the USA vote to legalize the use of marijuana and other forms of plant medicine, both for medicinal and recreational uses. For many, the legalization of these medicines is life-changing in more ways than one. With the increase in recreation legality across America, business opportunities have arisen for many hopeful entrepreneurs. One of these entrepreneurs who has taken advantage of these changing times is William Goodall, the 22-year-old founder of Bay Smokes, an online cannabis brand. Along with the help of powerful, supportive women in his life, Goodall has taken Bay Smokes to retail cannabis shelves across the country.

“Personally, I’ve always had interest in science, medicine, plants, and psychology,” shares Goodall. In his founding of Bay Smokes, Goodall aimed to take all of his passions and create a line of products that could help improve the lives of his potential clients in any way possible. Bay Smokes offers a wide variety of products, including strains of THC, CBD, Hybrids, and they have recently began offering Delta-8 options as well such as their Vape Carts and Gummies. Along with their flower and extract offerings, Bay Smokes sells edibles, gummies, and accessories for all of its product lines.

Goodall grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and developed a passion for the worlds of science and medicine at a young age. He took this passion with him when he went off to study Biomedical Engineering at Arizona State University. He quickly realized, however, that the university lifestyle wasn’t for him. So, he made the decision to focus on his entrepreneurial passions and moved to Miami, FL, where he still resides. For a few years, there was a lot of adversity Goodall was forced to overcome. Facing debt and business failures, Goodall and his partner, Katiana, remained dedicated to each other and their business ventures and, eventually, found success with Bay Smokes.

When asked about his most important success, Goodall shared that “finding a partner so early on in life that is 100% there for me all the time” stands out among the rest. Williams recalls that he and Katiana worked together tirelessly, making little money, to discover how to make their products, create a website for an LLC, and complete every other step required to form a successful business. In the last year, thanks in part to the creative, educational videos posted on the Bay Smokes social media pages, the company has seen a great increase in success, even eclipsing 215,000 followers on Instagram. “I’m especially grateful for the Bay Smokes audience because they show me all the time that we’re doing a good thing and people love the products that we offer.”

Along with running Bay Smokes, William and Katiana also started businesses in marketing and content creation. Together, they have built a strong portfolio of companies. They kept their eyes on their long-term goals, knowing that failures would come, but they would be followed by success as long as they remained focused. “I have a whole lot in store,” Goodall gloats, “and I’m excited to be working towards it daily.”

Learn more about Bay Smokes and William Goodall by visiting their Instagram page, @baysmokes.

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