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Let Laxis help you take effective notes during your Google Meetings

Taking notes during online meetings can be a pain. Everyone knows that

notes are extremely necessary for getting the most valuable insights from your meeting. However, dividing your time between taking notes and paying attention to the meeting at hand can lead to fatigue, reduced responsiveness, and overall make meetings far more a nuisance than they have to be. Now you don’t need to rely on pen and paper notes anymore. You can automate your meeting notes with the Laxis. Laxis Google Meet extension can transcribe your meetings, and allow you to highlight parts of your meeting in real time. Then, you can download your transcript to the Laxis web app, where you can manage and analyze all your transcripts in one place. 

The value of quality notes

Having good notes is critical to maximizing workplace productivity. Actively engaging with the material while you’re listening to it makes you much more likely to remember it. Specifically, engaging with material increases retention of highly detailed points rather than main ideas. Additionally, having high quality notes makes it easy to refer back to important information later. If there’s something you or your colleagues forget, all you have to do is to look at your notes and you’re all up to speed. Lastly, fatigue during meetings has become a major issue as people in the modern work environment increasingly find themselves distracted and overburdened by the sheer number of meetings. Taking notes helps keep you engaged and energized during your meetings.

How the Laxis Google Meet extension can improve your note taking 

The Laxis Google Meet extension has a number of features that greatly enhance your note taking capabilities, such as:

  • Being able to create an automated transcript 
  • The ability to view and highlight your transcript in real time
  • Automatic saving and optional download functionality with our Laxis web application, which allows you to manage and analyze all your transcripts in one place
  • The option to download your transcript as a pdf, txt, or word document file

Integration with our Laxis web app offers even more benefits.

The Laxis web app has a number of great features for organizing and analyzing your transcripts. You can view all your transcripts in one place, and select which one you want to focus on. After selecting a conversation, you can see the full transcript as well as your highlights and a memo generated of your meeting. You can also create custom templates to fit the exact needs of your meeting. In these custom templates, you can create your own tags which you can use to highlight parts of your transcript with that tag. You can also select keywords that you want the Laxis AI to automatically extract for you. After you’ve created your templates, you can have the AI pick out insights based on the tags and keywords from your template. The Laxis web app has a ton of additionally functionally that makes note taking during google meet meetings painless and productive.

Register for free!

All those features are currently completely free for Google Meet users. Sign up for a free account to enjoy unlimited editing, sharing, and transcription and highlight auto saving for your Google Meet meetings.

“Our goal is to provide an AI meeting assistant for every working professional, so people can enjoy meetings again. We want to help people focus on having meaningful conversations and building great relationships, rather than taking notes.” Says Laxis founder and CEO Eric Xiao.

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