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Runway Waiters Provides Models with Unique Opportunities to Expand Their Portfolios

Over the years, the event planning industry has witnessed major transformations partly due to advancements in technology. The success of events nowadays not only lies in proper planning and organization; there is much more to be considered.

Now more than ever, almost everyone wants to buy into an experience. For event planning teams, what this means is they have to stand out from the crowd and plan events that will create unforgettable experiences and memories. On the other hand, businesses and brands have realized the great potential well-planned events have for their success, leading to more competition in the event planning industry.

Runway Waiters is a top and well-known event planning company that brings a fresh new approach to the industry. With branches in Los Angeles, Miami, and Hawaii, among other major cities in America, Runway Waiters has become the go-to event planning team. They have successfully done events for brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Adidas.

Among the many factors that make them stand out is working with agency-signed models. This is a win-win for both parties as the models get an opportunity to expand their portfolios and grow their experience.

When it comes to modeling, a good portfolio is necessary to get your career off the ground. Runway Waiters’ wide range of services, from promotional models and brand ambassadors, bartenders, and in-store services, gives models a platform to grow their portfolio within the different services they offer.

Similar to runways, events are a good platform to showcase your talents and abilities. For the models working with Runway Waiters, these events give them exposure and build on their audience. With most events packed to capacity, there is guaranteed publicity.

Additionally, together with Runway’s influence, Runway Waiters works with their models in social media marketing. This helps models grow their fan base and creates room for collaborations with some of the brands they partner with.

Speaking on one of the reasons Runway Waiters chose to work with models, the CEO at Runway Waiters notes that at times, modeling careers can be quite inconsistent, leading to a significant amount of downtime. For models who are just getting started or have even established their careers, this can sometimes lead to financial struggles. Through Runway Waiters, they provide an alternative to earning money that is flexible, fun, and still gives you room as a model to continue honing your craft and building connections in the industry.

When asked about future aspirations, Runway Waiters is looking at a future where event models and Runway Waiters will go hand in hand. Not only for the event planning industry but that of modeling too. Runway Waiters is looking at a future where any brand looking to hire models will automatically be drawn to them.

The models at Runway Waiters are not only talented but also have warm personalities that elevate the ambiance of the event. No doubt, the key to an extraordinary event is extraordinary staffing.

Although a small but mighty team, Runway Waiters has solidified its spot in the industry. As they continue to expand, their goal of creating memorable experiences for their clients is always at the forefront of everything they do.

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