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The secret to insufficient weight loss – fitness master Dor Eckstein reveals all

One of the most difficult processes a person can go through in their lifetime is trying to change their lifestyle, become more active, and lose weight.

The reasons for the frustrations maybe many folds and are often caused not by the feeling of deprivation when changing nutrition, or the reluctance to include exercise into the daily routine, but rather for the expectations had prior to the process, and the fact that the reality does not always measure up. People expecting to lose a certain amount of weight at the beginning of the process find themselves disappointed and often choose to neglect the responsibilities they have chosen for themselves, simply because the results do not match the fantasy.

So why aren’t you losing as much weight as you could and should? Dor Eckstein, a fitness and weight loss guru sheds some light on the interesting matter and answers the burning questions on your mind.

#1: Your Current Exercise Regime is Not Appropriate or is Inadequate 

In addition to a nutritious diet, physical exercise plays an important role in weight loss. However, a study suggests that people often tend to overestimate exercising and may not give their wholehearted effort to create weight loss results. Additionally, many people are found focusing on the wrong exercise type. “My experience has taught me that cardio training usually does more damage than good, which is why I don’t include it in any specific workout plans I create for the people I work with”. Dor explains that he assigns different types of training to each individual, based on their specific needs, in accordance with their body type and nutrition, and that is the only way you can see actual weight loss results.

To prevent the repercussions that wrong exercising may have, Dor Eckstein highlights the importance of a training program that is customized as per your body’s needs. He stresses the fact that spending the entire day in the gym does not help healthy weight loss, unlike the common misconception “the more you exercise, the better results you get.” Rather, doing it correctly is what matters most.     

#2: Lack of Protein Intake 

You may spend hours in the gym or follow a crash diet to lose weight fast. But if your diet does not include enough healthy proteins, it can inhibit your body’s capacity to lose weight. The macronutrient is highly satiating and when consumed in optimal quantities in your daily diet, it may help suppress your appetite. This indirectly cuts off your overall calorie intake. 

Furthermore, protein helps promote metabolism, thus, alleviating calorie burn. A high-protein diet is also recommended to allow your body to recover from physical training and muscle wear & tear. Aiding in development, growth, and repair, it helps maintain and build your muscle size during the process of weight loss. 

#3: Fasting May Help with Weight Loss 

A common myth that clouds the minds of weight loss enthusiasts is that eating every 2-3 hours can help burn body fat fast. Weight loss can be a benefit of intermittent fasting, but the results can vary depending on your build and health conditions. In fact, fasting, when done correctly and under direct supervision, can increase one’s metabolism, suggests the fitness guru. 

Additionally, there is no point in eating hundreds of small and insufficient meals throughout the day. It only makes you crave more for food. Rather, include 2-3 large and more satisfying meals with healthy nutrients, followed by 2-3 strength workout programs per week. This is a fitness regime that Dor Eckstein recommends to his clients, focusing on “healthy” weight loss.

In conclusion

It seems that at the base of all these explanations lies a very simple truth – a lack of knowledge and understanding. Adjusting your exercise regime, adding sufficient protein intake, and establishing an eating routine that may include intermittent fasting are all things that a fitness and nutrition professional can help you with, adjust to your needs, and help you achieve weight loss results that will finally match and even exceed your initial expectations.

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