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Open The Gate

In today’s world we can see many gated communities, especially in the US.  Those gates are supposedly designed to “keep others out” – the question to me is:  what are we keeping in?

When I am thinking about a gate there are always two or more sides to it, depending on your perspective and how you see life.  Is it happening to you or for you, for example?

The same, in a sense goes for gates (or doors).  When the gate it closed – what is your reasoning?  Are you intending to protect yourself?  Protect others?  Just the notion of having to protect oneself is an interesting one in regard to mindset – why do we need to protect ourselves?  Of course, usually the answer is:  because of all the “bad stuff” out there.  You’ve heard that, haven’t you?  You may even have said that.  And, in that regard, you may have heard that at times we protect ourselves and others from what they really need, at times even the biggest love of their lives.  So – what is this “gate” idea telling us?

As a transformational mentor this is one of my favorite things to talk about; we are really talking about the Hidden Power of Patterns.  We close the gate because we’ve been taught that we do need to protect ourselves – even with the possibility that we are protecting us in a limiting way, limiting the joy that may come, limiting the love that may come.  Of course, most of the time the latter ideas are not shared as they may disrupt the intentional limitation of life and joy; in other words, it would break the rules of societal engagement.

The fact that you are reading this right now also tells me that you are actually at a crossroads in your life – which I love! You are at a crossroads that is showing you more options, speaking to your inner sense that maybe…. Just maybe … there’s more to you and your life than you are seeing right now. 

Thus, let me ask you this question:   why not open the gate?  Not only because of the positive possibility that love, and joy may wait outside …. But because opening the gate may just mean opening the doors to self-awareness, to self-knowledge, and thereby: self-love.  
You see, when you open the gate and stop locking possibility out and yourself in (within the framework of the roles you have accepted in society at this time) you will automatically take a look at yourself. You will begin to take a look and ask yourself and ask, “why am I afraid of what is out there?” and such questions.  At some point in that crucial conversation with yourself you will arrive at the self-inquiry of “do I trust myself” or “do I have confidence in myself?” Both of those are actually asking the same thing and, almost more importantly, they both prompt you to think about self-love.  If you don’t love and appreciate yourself, you most likely are not that confident in yourself and your abilities; and that means you will try to protect yourself from the good and the bad (if that were to exist).  You seek that protection because y9u are not sure that you and yourself can handle whatever lessons may lay behind those gates.  On the other hand, if you are fully connected with self – and that’s what I work on with all my mentees – you regain clarity, connection, and self-love.  That combination makes you choose to open those gates and step outside to experience life with all it’s lessons to teach you how amazing you are and how fun life can be.

Will you open the gate? Still hesitant?

Don’t judge yourself — it’s a process.
That’s why I’m here.

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