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Catching up with Carlita

Hi Carlita, welcome back our readers who loved your previous interviews and requests poured in once again for another interview.

Thank you for having me again. I’m happy to be here.

Let’s start by feeling our readers in on the progress of your upcoming website.

The website is coming together amazingly well however due to delays that are out of my control it’s been pushed back for a few more months.

Due to delays brought on by Covid-19 factories are extremely backed up currently.

Yes covid has done a number on some businesses however it does give you additional time to make improvements if needed.

Right, I feel like I’ve been working on “The Red Collection” for a while now but I’m finally finishing the last touch ups behind the scenes on this particular collection. You’re absolutely right it does give you more time to make last minute improvements.

I will release 3 Collections at once: The Red Collection, Pink Collection, & Nude Collection.

Can you tell us what all goes into releasing three separate collections?

For me, as I do all the prep work myself, such as being my own photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, as well as being the face of the brand you can imagine what that entails.

And I’m Self Managed and Self Promoted. A lot goes into that. Sometimes I feel like it’s just taking so long for me to reach my goals but then once I think about everything that I personally have to do to make this thing push forward I quickly snap out of it.

I agree with you, what you do is unheard of. The Cosmetic industry is a different business unlike other businesses such as the food industry for an example. You can have thousands of online bakeries and they all may blow up fast and make a quick profit due to the fact that everyone loves food.

Beauty businesses have to work much harder to be noticed due to all the pop-up Cosmetic Companies out there, don’t you agree?

Yes I agree, I say it all the time to myself being on social media as long as I have, I see a lot of food businesses such as Restaurants and Bakeries making the same types of food but they all seem to make a profit fast.

Cosmetic companies really have to stand out and go above and beyond to be noticed unless you’re a rich celebrity.

When delays come up, like the delay in the launch of your new website, how does that affect you as a business owner?

On one hand it’s devastating, because you’ve worked so hard to accomplish your goals and once again you run into a delay. However for me I almost factor in a problem before there is an actual problem, so I’m not so disappointed “if” problems actually occur.

What can you leave our readers with, if they are thinking about giving up on their dreams, due to problems that can occur in starting a business?

Wow, that’s a tough question because there’s no specific answer. I would have to say lean on your faith. That’s what I’ve done, and because of that I feel that’s why I am able to weather the storms that come my way.

And also be genuinely happy for others that achieve their goals before you because that will happen too, and understand their achievements are their blessings, and if you continue to work hard at it, your blessings are sure to come.

Thank you, for sharing with our readers today Carlita.

Thank you, again for having me

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