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STL Raised, LA Based Rapper Closer to Prominence W Single the Black Joker

August Gregory Russell professionally known as the rapper KINDNESS and the artistic director for the start up ministry “STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD”.. is seeking to establish himself in the entertainment industry nationally and world wide. 27 soon to be 28 year old MC and actor, has been seeking to gain prominence for years. But is starting to gain new success with his single “THE BLACK JOKER” Ft. Lil Wayne on the remix. The single stands out as a competitor but also compliment to the single BATMAN with Wayne on the LPB Poody compisition. August first got the idea to make this song in Janaury of 2020 after he had an idea for a mixtape based on the film. After a year and half of different edits and success getting a verse of weezy . He feels this is his time to shine in the entertainment industry. The song will be released by October of 2021, if not before.

In addition to this single he has 13 other singles online including “NOT TODAY SATAN”, “GOD IS DOPE”, “GO. cry to Lucifer “, “I WANNA BE SAVED”, “THE PRINCE THAT IS FRESH”, “MISGUIDED RELIGIOUS PEOPLE”, “REACHING OUT TO A GOD THAT DOESNT REACH BACK”, “LEAVE”, amongst several others. He also has 2 Mixtape that will be online including “RAP 4 MY LIFE”, and Chance inspired tape “GIFTED AS A RAPPER”. August met Chance, whom he now considers to be a music ally, in October of 2018 in Chicago at a rally where they met, shook hands, and acknowledged and spoke to each other. Although Chance may or may not have any remembering of such an encounter. August is planning on releasing a mainstream album and professional mixtape called “TORTURED ARTIST” and “SPREAD KINDNESS”. He has the connections to pitch to any artist including Drake, Kendrick and Chance the Rapper. And each project will be submitted for the correct accolades, playlisting and charting. With hopes and anticipations of all three.

The sound of KINDNESS is very unique and will resemble Drake, Kendrick and Chance and also trap music. He is seeking to add a unique southern rap style and also spoken word much like his hometown legendary hero Nelly, whom he is hoping to work with at some point. August is seeking to recover from a life changing situation that almost robbed him of his life in downtown Los Angeles in April of 2021. He was without a place to stay and money and he got mugged and attacked with knives where he was crying out for help and crawling on his stomach for life after he broke his leg (for which he had surgery). Thankfully he lived. This event happened at union station and the academy awards were held here two weeks later for the first time.

August is hoping to sign a partnership with Sony Orchard Music for his label, many independent films with distribution on all streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Apple; and also professional plays that will perform at the highest venues. He has artist personas for his label called HAPPYNESS, GOODNESS – respectively and has been looking at relatives such as his younger twenty one year old cousin and thirty year old sister to take them on. In addition to a high quality female and male Christian rapper and also a male and female gospel vocalist. August is very familiar with Los Angeles and loves it more than any other city. His main aspirations is to create a culturally relevant worship company that reaches all people with discrimination and touches them. And shows them how to love and worship their creator. His main project he is looking forward to is his first high quality film entitled “SLUM PHARAOH: A MODERN DAY TRAGEDY”. Released after he finishes drama school in 2023. He loves the tragedy genre because he feels so many movies haven’t touched this aspect of performing arts for which he learned about in drama school. Such films include mystic River, training day, titanic, black swan and others. He is hoping to give a ground breaking performance in this film and also allow it to spark the same effect one of his favorite films this will be inspired by which is Menace II Society. August Gregory Russell social media is HOWTOBEKINDFEED on the IG and also augustgrussell1 on Twitter and soon his Wikipedia will be up.

This time next year he is hoping to be at the top of the entertainment business. Possibly without any major backing. And also his manager is his mother Avis and his social media manager is his sister Jamie. His dream idols are Tyler Perry and Kanye West. All in all – I could have died in Los Angeles which they said they were about to stab me to death, the authorities called me crazy. But I lived to see another day to love.

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