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Seatures: The Ultimate STEM Toy for Children is Emerging as a Game-Changer


Portland, OR, USA – August 11, 2021: Seatures, an emerging Oregon based American startup has proudly announced that it has developed a unique STEM toy for children called Seatures™. In the 21st century, STEM Toys are the way to go for children as they make learning more fun. Stem Toys are basically science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys geared towards learning, curiosity, and education. Seatures proudly develops its STEM toys aimed at helping kids develop a better understanding towards science and marine biology by enabling them to grow an entirely new world of small sea creatures. Pets can be too large and expensive, while excessive video gaming can be quite damaging for the eyesight and physical or mental health, which is why Seatures is emerging as a perfect educational solution that is also fun and engaging, for children.

“Seatures are quite similar to Sea Monkeys, but they are much better in many ways, and we offer Seatures with growing kits to allow children to their own community of beautiful small sea creatures.” said the spokesperson of Seatures, while talking about its benefits for kids. “We develop Kids STEM Toys like nobody else and we are proudly introducing a whole new model of living toys, features tiny living organisms that kids can grow and observe.” She added. According to the company spokesperson, Seatures growing kits allow children to grow their own community of live aquatic pets, and these kits come with everything needed to succeed. 

With its highest quality of eggs having a hatch rate of 90 percent, Seatures Brine Shrimp growing kit is one of the best in the world. In addition to the quality of eggs, this brine shrimp growing kit comes with everything that is required to grow a sustainable community of Brine Shrimp. Furthermore, these brine shrimp communities are the highest in terms quality and service in the market, which makes Seatures not only a wonderful choice for parents as a STEM toy for their children, but also for those who love to grow marine life at their home.

According to the company spokesperson, the basic idea behind Seatures is a product that provides not only fun but also develops values and skills for children from the age of 3 to 12. Moreover, by caring for real creatures, children can develop skills such as creativity and responsibility, along with empathy and compassion for animals. Seatures is a much better option than video games or TikTok, or other platforms that have more disadvantages than benefits. This is exactly why this remarkable new invention is getting an overwhelming response from the parents worldwide.  

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