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Meta Gaming

Meta Gaming has taken the world by storm with its interactive role-playing games that transcend traditional game rules. Giving its players insight and in-depth knowledge allows them to predict and anticipate their opponent’s next move. The game’s name is staying relevant and appealing, and metas have to be dynamic and revolutionary to stay abreast of the modern gaming world. Our developments are certainly in line with this ideology.

Gaming the game 

Meta Gaming was developed on the Binance Smart Chain, and in a typical industry-leading style, Meta Gaming has taken this revolutionary gaming style to the next level with its latest development in an app called MetaPay. With this app, Meta Gaming aims to bridge the gap between Crypto and Esports, giving fans, sponsors, and hard-core gamers the chance to put Meta Tokens into pools and compete for them in the latest, most popular games. It doesn’t get easier to play, earn, pay. Purchases and earnings can be made or held securely in the MetaPay wallet or cashed out directly. 

So how does it work?

Avid gamers know that using perception and knowledge gained outside the game gives them an advantage when playing our games. Using this same concept, we’ve taken this one step further to give our loyal fan base the upper hand of earning while they do what they love the most! Giving you immediate rewards in your wallet, Meta Gaming Token is designed to become even more scarce over time, with its investors automatically earning more Meta simply for holding. 

The MetaGaming Token network affords all its holders a 3% fee from every transaction that takes place, meaning that you’re constantly rewarded for simply investing. In addition, guaranteed auto burns of 2% on each transaction will ensure an ever-decreasing supply of Meta, and an additional 2% will go to the development wallet to support the Metapay app. Transactions on the app can only take place in Meta currency. 

Gaming doesn’t get better than this!

Players can create custom wagers or tournaments to compete for Meta Tokens. Daily and weekly tournaments are hosted on the hottest games, and winners are awarded cash prizes. Winners are announced by Metapay and automatically sent their share of the stake. In addition to this, Metapay will host both sponsored and our tournaments that will be streamed from our official Twitch account, and entry fees are payable with Meta Tokens. Earnings can be cashed out directly into your bank account or stored in the MetaPay wallet.

Play. Earn. Pay

Meta slaves can be the definition of insanity, stuck in a rut doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. We’re game-changers, and Meta Gaming Tokens are the future. We’ve broken techno boundaries with our MetaPay app to bring you the world’s first Crypto Esports pay Token, which is available pre-sale from August 14, 2021. Expand your horizon by going beyond and becoming the Gaming Meta. Set the trend, grasp the challenge and join the Meta Gaming evolution.

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