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Chozxn The Hero is Here Now to Make His Mark

“Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” Erica Jong

We are unbeatable at something or the other, only a few realize it and a few strive to pursue it. Most talents are lost because they are not discovered. You cannot grow it, instill it or imitate it. It is God’s gift that you should cherish. Age, time, or situation doesn’t matter if you want to pursue something you are extremely good at. This is why Chozxn, the famous rapper and performer, managed to embrace the limelight even if he chose to be a music artist as a second career.

Chozxn, originally called Rudolph, is a military veteran, who chose to follow his passion for music after bidding farewell to his first career. The transition was not easy because the life of a music artist and life of military personnel are poles apart. He went through intensive training and also therapies to be able to embrace the life of a civilian. The change was difficult but he aced it with patience and perseverance.

It all started in 2004 when Chozxn moved to Long Beach, California for work. There he met a person who was working at two jobs in order to make a living. During the day, he was a professional bodyguard and at night, he was a DJ at a local club. Discovering their mutual interest in music, Chozxn was intrigued by his lifestyle. Chozxn visited the club with him and learned about the extravagant nightlife in Los Angeles. After several more visits he came to know the ins and outs of the club culture.

His exposure to the world of music fascinated him and that was when he discovered his calling. Chozxn knew that he was born to be a performer and not stuck in a job that was a hindrance to achieving his dreams. He shelved his goals for the time being and focused on his duties in the military. However, he kept his passion alive with small musical gigs at private parties.

During his stay in Japan, Chozxn was a popular face at parties and clubs performing almost every weekend. He has performed at some of the high-end parties and collaborated with famous artists like Red Man, Jojo from Jodeci, LL Cool J, Goodie Mob, and many more. His rising popularity was soon discovered by a label who almost roped him to sign a deal but that did not happen due to his job in the military.

Stepping into the music industry as a father of two daughters was not easy for Chozxn. In a space that is dominated by young artists, finding a niche for himself was extremely

challenging. With his natural talent and hard work, Chozxn managed to achieve it. He is a multifaceted talent who can sing, dance, and perform at the same time. His music has the electrifying energy that can set the stage on fire.

Chozxn is unique in his approach towards his music. It reflects his experiences in life and mirrors the pain he has been through only to emerge as a better and stronger person. This is where he manages to connect with his audiences on a personal level.

Currently, Chozxn is working on multiple upcoming projects to be released in the near future. He wants to keep the audience hooked on his music and also venture into philanthropic activities as a means to give back to the world.

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