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Wiwiurka: A company that combines design and free play for children

Photo credit: Maddie Rose @the_whole_kit_and_co

Article by:  Mirza S. López Gil,

In this day and age, the market for everything is saturated. As parents, we always want the best for our children. But more than quantity, children need the right products for their age and abilities.

Enter Wiwiurka Toys, an enterprise with a unique vision of what play should be. 

The company developed a line based on alternative pedagogies, mainly Waldorf, Montessori and Pikler, based on freedom of play: the idea that children should have complete freedom to learn and develop on their own, in an environment of understanding and love that is stimulating, paying attention to free movement and looking for each child to display their own individuality. 

Nature calling

Photo Credit: Wiwiurka Toys

Originally born as a family brand, it was dedicated to designing beautifully crafted furnishings and toys. Along with their passion for nature, founders Ana and Marek wanted to put out a message that style, play and imagination go hand in hand.

Wiwiurka’s solution is toys that spark imagination, enhance imaginative play and boost motor skills in active children.

Sourced from responsible feeling, all their materials are non-polluting. Rather than creating big, loud toys, they focused on a line that harmonizes with any space and is sustainable in their making, which means it’s child and pet friendly.  

Toys to grow with 

Photo credit: Larissa Bazile, @pax.loves.knox

Ranging from 2 months to 12 years, Wiwiurka has a line of modular toys that can be switched around, turned over and linked through ramps, creating the ultimate jungle gym at home. 

Alternatively, they are great tools for pediatricians, occupational therapists and children who need an extra push on motor skills. By having no rules, open-ended play is inherently a task of discovery and development. 

Ana Parra, Wiwiurka’s CEO adds, “we are proud to be the first company on the market to provide specialized climbing equipment to families worldwide. As constant innovators, we focus on handcrafting beautiful pieces of furniture in small batches.”

International recognition

With over 10 years on the market, Wiwiurka has become a fast favorite, with over 23 color palettes, free shipping all across North America and delivering toys anywhere else in the world. 

“While our company is growing, we are not leaving behind the core values of who we are. We take inspiration from the magic of the world, the beauty of nature, and the spirit of our customers. As a local business, we support our community with employment and the use of only certified wood derived from sustainable and authorized regions,” Ana Parra finalized.

During 2020, the company received the Romper Toy Box seal for favorites, were nominated for Etsy design awards and are currently nominated for Junior Mag Design awards in the UK. 

Designed to fit any space, this play furniture will turn any room into a playroom! Get 10% off with the code LATRIBUNE10 when you shop at Wiwiurka Toys. But, if you’re within the first 30 to get this offer, use LATRIBUNE15 for 15% off!

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