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Brian Fryer Shares How He Became One of the First Social Media Coaches for Network Marketers

For many of us, the world moved from pre-social media to being immersed in social media in what felt like a year. From sales to marketing, brands and entrepreneurs are seeking this necessary social platforms to scale up their business. For some, the transition has been an easy one, but for most others, social media marketing can be extremely difficult to navigate; particularly for those accustomed to using social media exclusively for personal use. This is where a professional coach can guide you, the business owner, to multiply your revenues through social media. Brian Fryer, also known as Coach Fryer, is one of the leading professional coaches in the network marketing profession. In fact, he is one of the first coaches in this field.

You may have never guessed that Brian Fryer began his career as a professional baseball player. During the off-season, he did environmental consulting work for big-name oil companies, but over time, he realized that working so far from home and countless hours would not sustain his family emotionally or spiritually, which made the financial gains appear less attractive.

Brian was introduced to network marketing at a time when in person home and hotel parties/conferences were the only way to build a lucrative business. The combination of quick success and wanting to find a way to spend more time at home led Brian to dive deep into the world of social media marketing. Using these new (at the time) platforms was not easy for him, but Brian learned to master the complicated strategies of social media to build a network marketing business. With no knowledge in sales training and marketing, Brian Fryer became a completely self-taught marketer in network marketing using 100% social media strategies. After 8-years in the field, and two successful runs as a distributor, Brian transitioned to coaching. Currently, Brian Fryer has grown his social media coaching business to a multi-million dollar coaching business that he operates from home.

Brian knew that if he shared his hard-learned strategies in a way that was simple to follow, others would have similar or even better success than he saw for himself. Brian Fryer has now coached several thousand network marketers businesses and taken many of them to 6-figure revenues. Some of them have even experienced their first success through his coaching.

What was your biggest motivation for starting a network marketing business?

Between professional baseball and environmental consulting work over 14-years ago, the regular travel away from home made me realize that I could not put a price on time with my family. As you can imagine, the thought of missing important milestones in my children’s lives and the inability to support my wife with our growing family on a day-to-day basis just did not align with my vision as a husband and father. Sure, the money was great, but I knew there had to be another way to earn a lucrative income and be the family man I had always envisioned myself to be.

We would love to know about your journey. Was it always about business from the beginning?

After earning a degree in psychology from the New Mexico Highlands University in 2004, I became a professional baseball player. I played for 8 seasons from 2004 to 2011. During the off-seasons, I used to conduct environmental consulting work for renowned companies like Chevron Corp. and ExxonMobil. My search for a career that would allow me to be closer to home is what led me to network marketing.

The network marketing space at the time drew people in with the promise of “time freedom”, but all the hotel and home meetings that took place as my business grew also drew me away from home more than I expected, and I know so many just couldn’t do today.

After many financial wins, and time related failures; I knew there had to be a way to build a business from home – for real. I discovered the solution would be to conduct these meetings and “home parties” online.

Why did you think networking marketing in a virtual space will work?

At this point, just about every home has internet access. Instead of in person meetings, attending via online chats, live video, social media platforms, webinars and Zoom is making building a business easier. It is also allowing those who may never had been able to attend in person events a chance to get in the arena. Opportunity does not make itself available to everyone in the same way; now those who are just starting and may work shift work, multiple jobs, care for family members, do not have access to childcare or who simply want to spend more time with a growing family can access the tools necessary to grow a business online What a BLESSING!

Not only is the time being made available, but access to the resources needed to learn and grow creatively, like with hiring a business coach, is allowing people to build a life of their dreams.

How difficult was it initially to venture into a new business?

When we use social media just to be social, it can seem like it would be an easy adjustment to develop marketing skills and grow a business online. The more I explored this, I realized how complicated it can be if you don’t know where or how to start, and when to scale. Without direction, posts can easily become “spammy” and eventually run off all of your family, friends and followers.

After two years of trial and error, I understood the growing and evolving model(s) that works best for various social media platforms. I began with Facebook, became comfortable being uncomfortable, I shared what I have continued to learn and the rest is history.

What are some of your achievements?

My company has grown into a multi-million dollar coaching business entirely operated from home. I was invited as a keynote speaker for Crunchi Cosmetics, Java Momma, and BioReigns. I was featured as one of the Top 16 Social Media Influencers in Network Marketing by Eric Worre in 2018. I have also published a book titled “Your Impact Playbook” to share my knowledge in network marketing to help others make the biggest impact possible.

However, my biggest achievement has been creating the time freedom to provide for my family and community, while being a present husband and father, which has been MOST important to me.

How can people reach you if they want your guidance?

Visit my official website where I share a world of free resources to help all marketers. There are links to all my social media accounts including my “Social Impacters” Facebook group. The group has helped countless individuals scale their business and increase revenue, all online.

What are your plans for the future?

Moving forward, I have an IMMENSE vision of becoming the go-to marketing mentor for distributors, companies and businesses and brands throughout the world, who want to build a profitable business online.

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