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Interview with Eunicet Pamela a Los Angeles based Director of Photography

Thanks for sharing your story with us Eunicet Pamela.Tell us about the beginning of your career …

I was born in Mexico City. Since I was a kid I loved everything about art, later on I discovered photography. I always carried a camera with me and that created the passion of capturing moments and people. 

After a few years I started doing photography for different fashion brands and also music festivals. It was the beginning of the journey in Cinematography because then I started doing documentaries.

I did 3 documentaries in 4 years, it helped so much because I learned every stage of production and how Cinematography was involved in each one of them.

And because I wanted to specialize better at my craft I moved to Los Angeles to keep my career here.

Since then I made several short films, commercials and music videos and wrapped my first feature film that is planned to be released next year.

What challenges have you faced in your career? And how did you overcome them?

It hasn’t been that easy but it has definitely been rewarding. My biggest challenge was to put my name out there but I have been collaborating with a lot of Directors and that has allowed me to network and dive in the industry.

Being a different country has allowed me to know a bigger perspective of the film industry and honestly I love it and I want to keep working here.

I’m still learning how the industry works and getting my name out there. But I’m happy to say that my work has been screened and selected in different national and international film festivals.

So… what’s next in your career?

I’m developing a new Web Series and different short films at the time, my main focus now is to keep collaborating as much as I can. Also I’m supervising the color correction of my first feature film and networking as much as I can.



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