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Catching up with Ben Hill

It was supposed to be dinner at a friend’s house, but nearly 18 months later, Ben Hill and Posse Unit are riding the crest of a wave thanks to ‘Everybody Party’ being born that fateful night.

Currently being played on radio stations around the world, and going Top Ten on iTunes Pop chart in South Africa just last week, Ben Hill is in a good mood. I sat down with him in West Hollywood to chew the fat on his life and career.

Did you always want to be successful?

‘Well, yes. From an early age, I used to interview myself in the bath. I have been preparing for this moment for quite some time’.

How do you write your songs?

‘I never think I write them, they kind of write themselves. That’s the crazy thing. They just come to me. I usually get a melody in my head, then grab a guitar and work out the chords. I always leave the lyrics until the last minute. Lyrics are like homework to me. And I never liked homework’.

You always seem to be joking. It can’t be THAT much fun being you?

‘Oh, it usually is. Although, I’m not too much fun after a night of heavy drinking. But yeah, I like to joke. I get that from my Dad. He was a very funny guy. He was the singer in a band. I got a lot from him. Thankfully’.

Did you ever think ‘Everybody Party’ would be this successful?

‘I thought it had a chance, as it sounded so good straight off the bat. The beat was great, the piano part was spot on and the melody was really catchy. It just came to me that night over dinner. Very rarely do all those elements fall into place. I’ve been recording songs for over 30 years, so when something comes together like that, you have to get it out there’.

Are you happy with your life? Do you like being you?

‘I’m very happy with my life. I don’t think I am normal. I feel very different from most of the people I see in the street and most of the people I meet. I feel like a lot of people God put on this earth just to make the numbers up. It’s as if he panicked the final day of creation. And I’m not here to make the numbers up. I’m a one-off. So, yeah. I like being me. It’s highly recommended’.

What advice would you give to people?

‘Try to avoid death’.

Everybody Party by Posse Unit is out now on all major streaming platforms:

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