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Entrepreneur Hacks: Fueling & Balancing Your Body

It’s not an unknown fact that when an individual is striving to become the best version of themselves, it can turn into stressful days and nights. Many people think they are taking care of themselves by being productive and taking mental health breaks, but not many think about how they are fueling their bodies. Those overwhelming times can turn into a loss of appetite that leads to skipping meals and/or eating unfulfilling food. It’s very important to fuel your body with healthy foods to make you feel good. The problem is, how does one make healthy foods if they feel like they don’t have time? The answer to that is: MAKE TIME. I know it sounds like the easiest solution and sort of unrealistic, but it’s all up to you. As the reader, you might genuinely feel overwhelmed with the idea of cooking all the time and keeping up with a “diet,” yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

It is all about finding a balance with work and even with food. 

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Notice how I put diet in quotation marks? I did this because the word diet makes people think that you can only eat vegetables and salads. To me, it means that I have to eat well-balanced meals to keep my energy going. My definition of well-balanced is going to be different from everyone’s because it is what works for my body. I don’t restrict myself from eating sweets nor do I just eat salads. I believe that those types of eating habits aren’t sustainable for me. I’d like to emphasize that there are plenty of Nutritionists/Dietitians that can help you find the right foods for you if you are having trouble with it. Personally, I have been able to consult with medical professionals to guide me. Furthermore, I like to follow intuitive eating, which means I eat when I’m hungry and stop when my body tells me that I’m full. This allows me to have a healthy relationship with food.

Here are a few more tips I use to fuel my body right:

*Please take note that everyone’s body is different*

Tip #1: Meal Prep or Order Meal Prep

This tip helps those who want to cook or who honestly have no interest in cooking. If you like to cook meals, then go for it! Make a menu for the week and take a day to prepare those meals. Find foods that will fuel and hit all the required nutrients for the day, like your carbs, fats, protein, and vegetables. An ideal meal prep for me would be brown rice mixed with quinoa, any style chicken, steamed veggies, and sides that include foods such as avocado, fruits, etc. Again this is what I like and what keeps me fueled. With the help of a professional, they can guide you on what foods your body might be missing out on. Now for those who don’t like to cook or just genuinely feel like they’d rather find someone to do meal prep for them, there are individuals or companies out there that can do that for you. Do your research and perhaps find someone inyour area that does meal prepping as a profession or find a company that delivers meals to your house for you to prepare or come prepared already. At the end of the day, you can choose what best suits you!

Tip #2: Eat all the junk food! (Not really….well sometimes)

Everyone knows junk food has a bad reputation. The first things that probably come into your head are chocolate, cookies, candy, chips, and lots of other yummy foods. While it is best to stay away from those foods, sometimes it is okay to indulge, but not too much. Your body will tell you when it’s had enough of those types of foods, therefore it’s very important to listen to it. It is okay to treat yourself and perhaps have a dessert every night. If you can find a nice balance with your meals, you can do that with sweets as well. It is easy to feel wrong or bad after eating junk food, but that can cause you to get into an unhealthy relationship with food, therefore it is extremely important to listen to how you feel. If this is a problem for you, it’s best to get in touch with a Nutritionist/Dietitian that can guide you. 

Tip #3: Listen to Your Body!

Loss of appetite due to stress is very common in all types of industries. The opposite can also happen as well, where you actually stress eat. It’s very easy to lose track and feel overwhelmed to the point where it’s hard to listen to your body. This is why it is VERY important to give yourself breaks. Eating habits aren’t the only things that can change when you are stressed, such as sleeping habits, anxiety, etc. If we were perfect humans, it would be easy to balance everything, but in reality, it’s difficult at times. Take things at your own pace and allow yourself the time to stop and take a fresh breath of air.

Listening to your body is the key to becoming the best version of yourself. 

These tips have helped my relationship with food grow in a healthy direction. I’d like to emphasize again that there are professionals that can help you with any food-related issues you have. There are a lot of biased opinions on the internet about diets, therefore it is good to do your research and ask a professional. As someone who promotes a healthy lifestyle with my businesses, it’s important for me to share my knowledge to anyone who might need it. You can be successful, but if you don’t listen to what your body needs, then that success might not help at all.

Learn how to fuel your body and your mind.

Find a balance. 

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