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How Antonio Martinez Scaled His Business to 7-Figures as a Course Creator in the Spanish Market

Pictured Above: Antonio Martinez

Santiago, Chile: Antonio Martinez, a Spanish entrepreneur born in Venezuela who went from being broke to becoming a millionaire in three-years, this week announced the launch of his online course creation brand: Legendary Infopreneur. 

Designed to help people around the world create and sell their own online course while building a personal brand around it for successful and quick sales, Legendary Infopreneur is the product of Martinez’s personal course sales story and experience.  

“Anyone can get paid to share their knowledge and turn it into a product that can truly change people’s lives,” said Martinez. “Becoming an authority in any space has never been easier, but it takes determination and the willingness to say ‘yes’ to get started. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined that I would be a millionaire in my youth from bundling and selling courses.”

Legendary Infopreneur goes over the careful planning, hard-work, and timelines for creating a successful online course with students. The program includes a digital toolbox that encapsulates Martinez’s favorite tools and resources for enhancing learning materials while expediting the process. The program also includes information related to effective teaching methods and presell techniques for ‘getting paid’ while producing courses from scratch. 

“The virtual economy is here to stay, which is why sharing knowledge in a straightforward training program with unmatched success strategies is life-changing,” said Martinez. “It starts by discovering your unique passion, planning out what you can teach, how to script and film it, and finally, market it to the masses.”

Martinez’s personal story is a testament to what’s possible with zero experience or background training in the world of virtual sales. He is presently a 7-figure course creator in the Spanish market with over 150,000 YouTube subscribers. His business brings in over $30,000/month, and not a single cent has been spent on advertisements to bring in the cash flow.

When asked how he was able to scale a business into the millionaire realm in such a short amount of time, Martinez concluded by stating: “it was just trial and error here and there while trying to make a living. A huge mistake took me down and an unexpected phrase brought me back. That’s what I hope to share today.”

Legendary Infopreneur contains lifetime access to 7+ hours of video on-demand with 40 different lessons and 9 sections that enable any person to become a successful Infopreneur. Lastly, the program includes downloadable PDF templates, guides, and blueprints for every step of the course creation process.

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