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Los Angeles’ Top Social Media Manager Ezgi Eren Is Letting Us In On Her Secrets!

Ezgi Eren is a Los Angeles-based social media producer and manager who has been working behind the scenes in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries as an expert in the increasingly popular creative field of social media for well over nine years. While she has worked with some of the biggest brands and also behind-the-scenes during the world’s most high profile events including the Academy Awards and Golden Globes here in town, during the pandemic she helped many turn to live streaming and other avenues to increase their overall value and engagement.

Ezgi’s passion has always been in innovative storytelling in creative industries. In addition to her professional work reflecting this passion, she spends her free time immersed in films and photography across Los Angeles and the rest of the world.

We spoke exclusively with Ezgi to find out more and some tips for all of us in growing our social media content and platforms.

1. How has the social media industry changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Where do you see the current status of it today?

The pandemic has definitely changed our social media habits, for better and for worse. Confined to our homes and isolated from our loved ones, we found comfort in keeping up with our circles through social media, and thus started spending more time on different platforms. One notable change was that the popularity of Live Streaming features on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok increased as it gave us a sense of togetherness as if we were out at a social gathering. Currently, with more and more people slowly going back to the way things were before, we’re also seeing a shift in the types of content we consume. I’ve been seeing tons of self-help content that tackles the anxiety of going back out into the world after the year we had, and it’s certainly a nice reminder that shows us we’re not alone in our struggles. 

2. What platforms are you seeing become most important these days for people to have?

It all depends on the client and the project; but Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have been on the forefront in the industries I’ve worked in due to their highly visual nature. Especially when it comes to video production, it’s hard to build a strategy that doesn’t consist of regular short-form video posts on Instagram Reels and TikTok. 

3. What tips can you give those in Hollywood and in the entertainment field to running successful social campaigns?

My top tips would be: 

(1) Know what the goal of your campaign is

(2) Have a clear vision

(3) Come up with a step-by-step plan to implement that vision, including figuring out which social media platforms you will be utilizing

(4) Stick to your plan and stay consistent, even when it feels like things are moving slow. You’ll get there!

(5) Assemble a team of people who are as passionate about the campaign as you are

(6) Collaborate where you can and don’t be afraid to reach out to others for help!

4. How do you select what type of people/projects you are going to take on? 

I’m interested in anything and anyone that inspires me and challenges me creatively! I try not to limit myself to one industry or type of client – as long as it’s a project I can contribute a fresh voice to, I’m happy to take it on. I’ve also been beyond lucky to be able to work with people who not only inspire me professionally, but also are incredibly kind and generous. So I’d say another important criteria is to work with people who are pleasant to spend time with. 

5. What are your own goals going forward in 2021?

Coming out of this challenging year, I’m more enthusiastic than ever to be doing in-person photo and video shoots with my clients, so my 2021 goal is to do as many of them as possible! (safely, of course). I’ve also been working on my video & audio editing skills this year so I’m excited to take on more projects that will allow me to do more of that. 

6. Why do you love working and creating here in Los Angeles?

LA is such a great place for meeting people who share the same interests as you, especially if you’re working in a creative industry. There are so many opportunities to network and get to know people who could easily end up becoming future collaborators. I love how open people are about asking for help on projects or exchanging ideas, it’s definitely a unique LA trait. Also, the perfect weather, duh. It never gets old. 

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