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Burgundy Winters in Europe gets top spot on Ex Libris Arcana’s must reads for 2022

Ex Libris Arcana , an all American book club for librocubicularists just announced their must read list for next year and Burgundy Winters by Pranay V. Patil has made it to the top of their list.

The ELA is an exclusive book club founded in 1921 by the women of New York city’s founding families at the Smiths residence in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards. They believe in the offline culture of reading and understanding books and are vehemently against the internet culture. Vice President of the club Wayne Kennedy calls it ‘street culture.’

Wayne tells us that the author of Burgundy Winters Pranay Patil is also the board president at Manhattan’s Honest Foundation in Hudson Yards,qualifying him automatically to an ELA membership.

He goes on to tell us more about the author.

“Mr. Patil went to school at an all-boys all-boarding school and is also a German educated mechanical engineer ,Pranay has spent the last decade living in extremely inhospitable environments of rural India,understanding and mentoring the underprivileged,giving him unique perspective about the stark contrast between his high society life in the west and his challenges with the grass-root issues of rural eastern folks. His life has been a series of palpable sparks. His debut novel, Burgundy Winters in Europe has already breached American publishers’ targets for their expected pre-release orders . We have manuscript review requests pouring in this week. Everyone wants a piece of it before it’s Christmas release,”says Wayne Kennedy of Ex Libris Arcana.

“Pranay has traveled extensively around Europe during his university days at Germany,learning about the history of the region,romantic legends,dark medieval gothic lores and walking the paths of his novel’s characters . It’s a romantic masterpiece set in the Europe of 2000s . A must read for any enthusiast of the dark romance genre. As I read the manuscripts,Burgundy Winters came alive with each sentence. Very surreal and worth a dedicated shelf in any critique’s library. I felt that I lived the stories of Jace and Yasmine. Get it this December, it won’t disappoint you because top spots for our must reads are dedicated only to the highest standards of fictional writings ,” says the President of Ex Libris Arcana, Mina Callahan.

Manhattan’s socialite and a member of ELA ,Charlene Smiths says that Burgundy Winters is something you wouldn’t want to put down.

“Sometimes it scares you and sometimes makes you blush . Burgundy winters has a really long shelf-life,” says Charlene

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