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Artistnameleon discusses recent label meetings and new single, “More To Do”

On the heels of his latest release, “Miss Me”, Artistnameleon returns with another genre-bending anthem with “More to Do”. The Atlanta based MC is a sonic delight, blending a melodic vulnerability with a rugged ‘true to roots’ hip-hop grit. His previous effort garnered modest support with over 20,000 views via YouTube. The forthcoming single, an infectious collaboration with artist Reef Muny nudges Artistnameleon closer into his own unique musical landscape. We had the opportunity to discuss the release, his creative inspirations and a recent label meeting with music executive Rel Carter.

What’s the story behind your new single, “More To Do”? 

It’s just me realizing where I’m at now in my career. I feel like I put in a lot of work to get to this point but there’s so much more for me to do. 

You’ve coined a new term around your releases, “Genreless Hip Hop” .. can you explain?

To me it represents not having any boundaries. I like to infuse other genres in my music and I think that’s the new wave in hip hop today. You don’t have to do what works for anyone else. You can literally do your own thing and that’s what I want the message to be.

How did the collaboration between you and Reef Muny happen?

I was just scrolling through IG and I came across his profile and thought he was dope. I reached out to him with an idea and he got back to me pretty quickly. We met up at the studio and we just caught a vibe and ended up knocking out 4 songs.

Album in the works?
Oh fasho! We’ve got something coming soon.

Artistnameleon is interesting, how did that name happen?

Leon is my middle name and since a kid I’ve always seen myself as an artist, so I basically just combined the words artist, name and leon and it stuck.

What’s your summer playlist so far?

Aw man, I’ve been listening to Money Man and Young Thug a lot lately. But I’ll switch it up and listen to artists like Curren$y and J.Cole fasho.

Tell us about your recent meeting with music executive Rel Carter.

It was dope. Rel’s real cool and professional and that’s how I like to be. I played him a few records and he liked what he heard so yeah I definitely see us having a long term relationship.

You were recently featured by Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, what was that experience like?

It was a humbling experience for real. Just to see such a huge platform like that acknowledge me and my art it’s amazing. I’m truly grateful for that.

What can we expect from you in the future ?

More records, more videos and just more fun. I honestly just want to give people the best experience I can give them and leave my mark.

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