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Let’s Get Down To Business: Networking & Building Relationships

Resources for Entrepreneurs!

Being an entrepreneur to me means that you have to be able to express your ideas to others and not be scared of rejection. Yes, you can have many careers to work towards, but if you can’t network and build relationships, you won’t find success. Believe it or not, talking to different types of people can really give you a boost in your career. I enjoy networking with individuals at events because advice, tips, or just new information can be exchanged and can be very beneficial for any type of growth. In addition, communicating with people within the same area of expertise can lead to building a relationship with them. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there are different ways to network and build relationships that don’t just require face-to-face communication. Below are some tips that can improve and aid your communication skills:

There are master classes and courses for EVERYTHING. If you find a certain topic interesting or you want to become certified in a profession/skill, you can find classes for each of those things. These classes can get you out of your comfort zone, whether they are in-person or through a zoom call, it allows you to interact with others that have the same interests. 

Check out the Jay Noland Mastery training systems !


If someone gave you their business card, reach out to them! If this person was a speaker at the master class or conference that you attended, thank them for their time. If you’ve made a new friend that shares the same business interests as you, shoot them a text to talk about those topics more. All you have to do is reach out and start building that relationship. I appreciate when individuals reach out to me to thank me or to even get more information on topics I’ve talked about in these situations. I will always recommend to follow-up with others if you have questions or just want to show your appreciation.


It might be nerve-wrecking to talk to someone you’ve never spoken to before, but that’s okay! You can’t be scared of rejection or getting overlooked because at the end of the day at least you tried and saw the outcome instead of wondering how it could’ve gone. So, do not hold back and build your confidence by communicating because someone is bound to connect with you. If I had never networked or tried to build a relationship with others due to being scared, I never would’ve gotten to where I’m at today.

Networking and building relationships with individuals is all about confidence. Choose to embrace the fear of rejection and keep moving on. For more information on building your confidence check out Confidence Base Camp and watch yourself grow! Remember, with great networking skills and interpersonal relationships, you can become successful in any area of expertise! 

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