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Daylyt Named Hip Hop Artist of The Year 2021

The interesting and unique artist called “Daylyt” has been named by our editorial team as the Hip Hop Artist of the year. This distinction was given to him for his versatility in how he impacted the culture. Not only is he a well-established battle rapper but he has grown into a movement maker on social media utilizing his unique perspective to launch and create movements that have created a mystique around him as a one of the kind figure in the world of hip-hop.

This past year he created one of the biggest rooms on a new social media app called Clubhouse, He has garnered millions of views online with his commentary on social issues and current events and continued to make music with some of the top producers of the world.

This award is not given to solely the artist that is the most popular or sells the most records but rather the aritst that we deem to be the most unique and one of a kind.

He has continued to change lives with his content, many from around the world have attributed his music, commentary and videos for their own personal transformation, advancement, and growth. People from around the world have also credited him as being the man that saved them from suicidal thoughts thus giving us more credence in honoring him with this annual award.

We are looking forward to many more distinctions with regard to the artist known as Daylyt.

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