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Close Encounter of Womenkind: Uterine fibroids

All over the world aliens are invading women’s bodies.

Living, feeding and growing inside wombs of many women completely unaware of their presence. 

The National Institute of Health estimates that up to 80 percent of women will have uterine fibroids by the age of 50.

It’s time we call in special forces and attack this invasion head on.A picture containing vector graphics

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Uterine fibroids are bothersome blood suckers, feeding off women’s blood supply, depleting the body of key vitamins and minerals. 

A uterine fibroid is a mysterious, noncancerous growth of tissue around or inside the uterus. Medical research has been unable to pinpoint the exact cause of fibroids, but is believed that the estrogen and progesterone produced by the ovaries to regenerate the uterine lining during the menstrual cycle stimulates their growth. 

        Why would something that’s normal bodily function produce imbalance in the body, unless there’s more to the story?

          When these aliens decided to invade my own vessel, I was suffering from many contributing factors.  Fibroids were just something I had read about and heard other women’s stories, until I was personally affected by this invasion. 

Close Encounters of the Unkind 

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When my OBGYN told me that I had a small fibroid the size of a golf ball, I carried on my life as usual. Two years later, I had gained 20 pounds, but I welcomed the extra curves. But then my stomach began to grow rapidly, and as I had a non-existent sex life at the time, this was alarming. I rushed to my OBGYN to get answers. She told me that my blood pressure showed I had stage 1 hypertension, and uterus was the size of 4-month pregnancy. My OB recommended a hysterectomy to remove my womb and that I start taking blood pressure medication. It wasn’t until this point that I realized the seriousness of my first diagnosis.

I was completely embarrassed by the realization that I had been ignoring my health and hadn’t even noticed subtle changes in my body.


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  1. I was in the last semester of grad school, finishing up an executive MBA, and a final group project was due. The direction I wanted to go with the project was too outlandish for the group, I had to complete the project solo. 
  2. I was in a leadership development program at my full-time job, and had to complete assignments for leadership development while maintaining my production and daily duties.
  1. I was constantly being pulled into family affairs to be the saving grace, while figuring out an exit plan from a failing marriage. 
  1. Food quickly became my only source of pleasure in life. All my accomplishments, making my employer and family happy daily while I was running on empty tank created the perfect breeding grounds for uterine fibroid invasion.

I refused surgery and began to desperately seek other options.  Folktale home remedies, shaman, ayahuasca—nothing was off the table. When you’re suffering with a medical issue, you seek answers, looking for anything that can give you sign of hope. 

     One home remedy I found is castor oil with a heating pad over the fibroid infected area. I rubbed my tummy down with castor oil, determined to rid my body of fibroids no matter what it took, grabbed the heating pad, and like a piece of steak my skin began to sear. I didn’t care, I wanted them gone—but once I saw the huge burn it left, I decided to call my doctor and accept her recommendation of surgery. 

I was preparing to go to war with the Martian beings occupying my body, and so I opted for a myomectomy to remove the fibroids, while preserving the womb. The hospital pre-op department recommended that I bring my living will and last testimony with me on the day of my surgery. Sorrowful to hear the possibility of the invasion of body snatchers winning I prepared for battle.

Time for Combat 

Contributing factors are just a signal for invasion, and need to be the first thing addressed.  

  • Over Normal Body Weight 

This is not referring to the unreasonable ideal weight chart according to your height that medical research has developed. Everyone has an average weight which their body is accustomed to for optimal function, but once this weight is exceeded this opens the door to aliments. If someone averaged of 200 ponds in adulthood and is now 250, this is a signal of alien invasion. I was 20 pounds over what was normal to my body for 95% of my lifespan, which was out of alignment. 

  • High Blood Pressure 

No one wants to talk about having high blood pressure. We know we need to relax more, eat healthy, and exercise, but life happens to us all. Like many others who suffer with HBP, I felt stress management was pointless and HBP was just going to be a part of my life. The doctors and everyone else’s nagging surrounding my HBP just became another nuisance in my life, as did the constant heart palpitations and irregular EKG. Deep down, however, I knew that I had to face my issues head on and stop running from my problems. Many of our daily stressors are attached to someone or something that we depend on as a source of happiness such as our spouse, kids, friends, family, or career. This leaves our happiness in the hands of chance, and circumstances or forces outside of ourselves, making us feel helpless when it comes to managing environmental stress.  What can you do?

           Fill yourself up with so much joy that any other joy you derive from anything else is just a bonus. 

Ask yourself, what makes me feel exhilarated?

Hiking, Biking, singing, traveling, art, fashion, mentoring, writing, golfing, drag racing ect. Whatever it is get busy doing it, for it may save your life!

I know what you’re thinking. “But I don’t want to do these things ALONE?  

I get it, spikes in UFO sightings dramatically increasing in recent years, you want to go into lockdown mode.

BUT !!! Once you began purposely applying more joy in your life to combat high blood pressure, you will gain a new sense of confidence that you can take and use in the stress induced areas of your life. 

         I went to new places and gained new experiences that I can find comfort in for the rest of my life. 


Eat your fruits and veggies! I know, I’m not your mother and you didn’t listen to her either. However, the portion of fruits and veggies consumed in a typical American diet is not enough. When eating for pleasure I had a diet filled with desserts, which are full of processed ingredients, enriched flour and tons of sugar. 

Uterine Fibroids thrive in women who consume lots of meat with low vegetables portions in their diets. 

If you hate fruits and veggies, do anything you can to incorporate them into your diet by taking supplements, trying smoothies or learning new recipes. Let’s stop suffering in silence and turning to food as our security blankets. 

Instead, let’s heal our wombs, mind and soul by deliberately choosing to live a healthy, passion filled life. Vibrate so high Anything not vibrating on the same frequency knows it can’t be a part of your life experience.  Any situation, disease or relationships that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life will soon become obsolete.  


Author Bio 

Victori K Saber is a local Florida realtor, model, and mother of three with a son serving in US Airforce. Victori has an associate’s degree in liberal arts, bachelor in psychology and an Executive MBA from Jacksonville University. A person sitting on a rock by the water

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