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3 Things You Should NOT Be Doing as a Successful New Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting and nerve-wracking time – you’ve got the motivation to make things happen, you’re ready to give your ideas to the world, and of course, see financial success. But, we all know that not every new idea makes it, and it can take a new entrepreneur several years to finally find an idea and learn those early lessons that can help them be successful. As the Founders of Lubov Media, a social media growth company, Marlik Deppand Hannah Morris know how to take the seed of an idea and grow it into a business that has served many local businesses. Here are 3 things they believe every new entrepreneur should not do when starting their business.

3 Things You Should NOT Be Doing as a New Entrepreneur

  • Doing a “Hot” Idea Over One You’re Not Passionate About

We’ve all seen hot and trendy businesses rise in popularity until there seem to be hundreds of them, only for the market to cool and many of those businesses fade away. For example, the CBD industry is a big one, and for a while a few years ago, everyone was trying to produce a CBD product. However, only the people who were truly passionate about CBD would stick around for long. As a new entrepreneur, make sure the business you’ve started is one you’ve been interested in for some time and isn’t just the new trend. When you choose a business idea you’re passionate about bringing to the market, you’ll have the motivation to keep going when things get hard.

  • Shotgun Marketing

Marketing a new business is always a challenge – there are so many different avenues you can use, all with varying cost and time commitments. It can be easy to decide to throw everything at the wall to see what works, but this is a waste of time. Instead of using the shotgun approach, do your research and find out where your customers are and how you can reach them. Choose a few organic marketing methods (those that reach people for free), such as blogging, video, and social media, and one or two paid methods, if you have the budget (such as PPC and social media ads). When you’re strategic, you can test and tweak and optimize what works, rather than just firing things off and hoping for the best.

  • Trying to Do Everything Alone

Entrepreneurs all share one trait: they can do anything they put their mind to! While this is incredible and necessary for starting businesses from scratch, it can mean we hold on to doing all the things in our businesses at once. Often, people forget that one of the best definitions of an entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business, makes it successful, and then gets other people to run it for them. If you want to be successful, you need to be willing to let go of some of the tasks in your business and outsource them to experts. Start by choosing just one or two things you don’t like doing or would like doing by an expert, and gradually outsource more areas until you’re only doing the work you love.

Some of the areas you can outsource are admin tasks, writing for products and your marketing materials, customer service, graphic design and website management, and social media management.

Lubov Media: Outsource Your Social Media to the Experts

Marlik Depp and Hannah Morris started their social media journey with personal accounts many years ago. As their first account grew to over 100,000 followers, and they saw new followers coming in by the thousands daily, Then decided to see if this meteoric growth was due to their method or simply a lucky fluke.

They grew 5 further accounts in the same way and saw the same success – hundreds of thousands of followers on each account – and knew it was their unique method that found success. They then decided they wanted to continue producing this account growth on a larger scale – so they founded Lubov Media.

As founders of a quickly growing company, Marlik Depp and Hannah Morris have learned everything there is to know about growth on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms. To date, the Lubov Media team has successfully grown clients accounts to increase their digital impact by tens of thousands each month, using their Unique Growth Method, and has over 100,000 followers on their own business account.

Today, they help new entrepreneurs, just like you, and large established businesses to build a large, engaged audience. They do more than simple social media management – they strategize how best to scale your impact and grow your following. If you’re ready to outsource your social media to a team that knows what it takes to grow your account, contact Lubov Media today.

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