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The First Debut Single of Ricky db is Out Now

Ricky db is a virtual DJ and producer who has just made his debut in the electronic music scene. He published his brand new single, named ‘Everyday,’ on the Spotify music streaming platform. You may see it on YouTube shortly after its release. Using modern technology connected with high quality electronic music, Ricky is a fashionable character presenting an unprecedented music act in the industry. For his audience, he provides energetic DJ sets, bound to warm up their nights at the club or wherever else.

Meanwhile, the fictional character is getting started in the modeling industry, as well. The aim of the illustrated mask campaign is to raise awareness about the COVID 19 issue and to encourage people to wear a mask while they are out in public to protect themselves from the disease.

Digital Avatar Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based business devoted to digital music artists and virtual influencers from across the globe, has released the song as a single. “Our goal with Ricky db is to connect the potential of virtual reality along exciting club music, bringing about change in the music industry and create a more enjoyable listening experience”.


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