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There is a rising star in Electronic music in Julian Knoxx, a producer who has quickly gained attention for his refined, yet energetic style. The latest addition to his collection of hits can be seen with the newly released single “Line”. The track is one that truly has character. The beat is infectious, getting your heart pumping with the high energy that is infused into the whole of the song. 

It begins menacingly with a faint sounding siren and soft percussion. However, it quickly builds up speed, increasing the tension and excitement before finally hitting its peak point at the drop of the beat. There is a layered rhythmic section that is intensified by the hard hitting synth lines that come in and out through the three minute span of the song. 

While listening, it becomes clear that Knox knows how to keep his audience on their toes when listening to his work. He makes use of several techniques to diversify the vibe of the song as it goes along. In sections where he wants the energy to be high there are sharp bass lines and percussive elements that keep the groove moving along; when he is looking to build anticipation he cuts back a little bit before amping it back up again. All of this comes together to make it feel as though you are on a musical journey when listening to “Line”. It is impossible to not have a good time when this song is on and it exists as something that is addictive to listen to. 

Beyond the actual substance of the track, Knox’s newest release is a fantastic testament to his skills as an electronic producer. He is consistently going against the norms of the genre by implementing his own unique style that continues to result in new, exciting experiences. His masterful work is inspired by greats such as Martin Garrix, his musical idol, but it is entirely evident that he has built upon these foundations to develop his own indisputable sound. Knox is one of those artists whose songs are wholeheartedly them. When you hear one of his tracks it sounds like no one else because of his commitment to pushing the bounds and continuing to innovate. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of “Line” and Knox’s musical collection as a whole is how he is able to fuse together different subgenres into one universally appealing track. He takes elements of styles ranging from future to bass house. It is this that makes his music something that practically anyone can listen to and enjoy. 

Julian Knoxx has continued to revolutionize his own style and the genre at large with the release of his new track “Line”. It is inspiring and innovative, mending together different inspirations, styles, and elements to create something spectacular. 

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