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STOP eating at the concession stand !

It’s time to get into LIFE and engage fully so you can make YOUR life happen.

Well, it’s been interesting to listen to conversations, reflect on people’s comments, have coaching calls with clients and potential clients and hearing their words.  We know:  words are powerful!  They tell a lot about the state of mind and thus, the state of BEing of a person.
Of course, many are still in the trenches psychologically with the pandemic and all they have experienced this past year.  This, in many ways, shows even more of who people are and how people live; or better: exist.

If I had a penny for every time I heard someone complain about something and NOT doing anything about it, pushing responsibility to someone or something else, engaging in self-pity, and …

You see – it’s all about how we view things.

Pushing Green Button Showing Choosing

This past year, as I have said before, was a time of awakening and re-connecting with ourselves.  Thus, we were shown many things about us, others (who are also at times a mirror, of course), where we are, where we are NOT, what we do and do NOT do, etc.  These insights then allowed us to take inventory and make a choice.  As I see it, this past year put all of us in a situation that I call “BEing at the crossroads.”  A perfect time to review, reflect, check in and: choose. 
The choice is yours. It’s mine. It’s ours.

Unless you give away your power of choice.
That is the situation where you are sitting at a sports game (if you’re not into sports, I am with you and yet, this is the best analogy I have ever seen come through me and other coaches are now using it, too) .  When you are at a sports game, meaning live in the stadium: what are you doing? 
Are you even live at the game or watching it from a “safe distance” of home or with others who enjoy that distance to the playing field?   

Are you complaining about the play?  The players? The Ref?  And while that is happening –are you continuously feeding yourself from the concession stand?  Yes, the real one at the stadium or the one in the house you’re at – you know, the chips and dip, the beer, the lemonade, the pretzel, the hot dog, the ice cream …. and while you do that you keep complaining about all that is not right with the game?  Or are you celebrating the victory of a team or someone on the field? 

Well, as much fun as that may all seem to be, the truth of the matter is – this is a great analogy of how you engage in YOUR life.

Are you sitting in the stands complaining and seeing things as happening TO you? 
Are you watching from a safe distance how life is “treating” you and happening TO you? 
Are you pushing responsibility for what is happening “out there” to others, whether it’s the other players (e.g. your co-workers, friends) , someone you consider a referee (e.g. maybe your boss at work? Your spouse?) OR are you IN the game?  Are you on the field making life happen FOR you? 

There’s a huge difference and if you are wondering why life is happening TO you then I invite you, no I urge you to get off the seat and stop ingesting all those options from the concession stand that tell you about life and how other people are doing things (mostly so you can ingest more and others can make more money) and get in the game. 

Crowd in a stadium – motion blurred

This is YOUR life.  STOP giving away your power of choice, your power to live, your power to BE amazing to those who are clipping your wings and instead:  Take it back!  Set your eyes on your goals, focus, and go after them!  Then you see that life is happening FOR you and that you have choices and power. 
Things may not always go the way you wish and yet, they always work FOR you – you just need to see it and engage. 

So, stop eating at the concession stand while complaining how everyone else is doing and instead:  detox your mind, regain your clarity and use this crossroads (this call to action) to get in the game and live your life your way.

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