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The Actors Academy – Online Actor Training

The entertainment industry is changing/developing and so is the way people train. This week, we took the opportunity of looking into one of the leading online authorities in actor training, The Actors Academy. In this article, we’ll discuss this companies innovation and practical approach to the craft of acting, which has been able to captivate millions around the world. From a humble start, this company first began on the social media platform YouTube. This channel has completely innovated and miraculously reinvented the way actors are working around the globe. Since the start of its growth, this channel has been able to amass almost a quarter of a million subscribers and achieve over 20+ million views, easily ranking them as one of the leading acting channels on YouTube (which is by no means an easy feat to accomplish). To put this into perspective, the Harry Potter spin-off  “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” only reached an audience of 17.6 million individuals in the theaters (according to, whereas the Actors Academy has been able to amass over 20 million views. It doesn’t stop there. The Actors Academy continues to grow at an ever rapid pace, gaining over 1,000,000+ views each and every month. Is there a reason people keep coming back? Yes.

What Keeps Them Coming Back?

This channel and its host project three very distinguishable qualities. Sincerity, honesty, and whole-hearted artistic dedication. It’s important to understand that the information this channel provides is necessary/essential for any actor; whether it be about your craft specifically, the professionalism you bring on set, how you optimize your training, finding agents/auditions, growing your social networks, etc. The Actors Academy has it all. The insights and knowledge we get from the owner of this channel are not only practical, but it’s also easily comprehendible for actors at any level of their career. Evidently, this has come across and the ongoing positivity that this channel continues to receive from its viewers, is a testimony to this.

Miles Ahead In Online Actor Training

The Actors Academy has been ahead of the game for a while now. If the last year and a half has taught us anything, it’s that online training can easily be gained, processed, and learned through virtual methods. This is why the top drama programs throughout the US continued to deliver virtual training throughout 2020. While they were adjusting to this new form of instruction, the Actors Academy was continuing to push forward and assisting actors throughout this troubling time. The reason the Actors Academy is so important to have around today, is because it doesn’t matter what gender, race, geographical location, sexual orientation, or financial stability you have at your disposal. All that’s needed from you is a computer and an internet connection.

World Class Credentials

On top of this, the host has received renowned training from instructors who’ve gone to Juilliard, Harvard, Yale, RADA, ACT, NYU, and as mentioned through his channel, has also gone through accredited BFA and MFA training himself. His knowledge far exceeds most individuals in this industry and he’s formulated his training and mindset into a very simple solution; “take in what works and throw out what doesn’t.” It sounds simple, but for the advanced actor who’s always in their head or for the beginner starting out, this approach and ease of delivery becomes invaluable. Most actors don’t have the ability to get this sort of in-depth training on their own, so the Actors Academy has very efficiently and effectively filled this void for millions across the globe.

10 Hour Acting Masterclass 2.0

The Actors Academy has also gone even further for their followers, by offering a specialized masterclass course for anyone interested in joining and being closer to their community. Their newest and most enhanced version “10 Hour Acting Masterclass 2.0” had recently come on to the market last year, replacing their first rendition of the program. Compared to other courses on the market, the “10 Hour Acting Masterclass 2.0” is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. To add to this, unlike other courses out there, the Actors Academy also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no matter what the reason. All they want is to help you and fulfill your needs the best they can. The host, is completely dedicated to giving you the best information possible and assisting you all along the way through your journey. The Actors Academy doesn’t just provide you with world-class information, but they also care about trying to help others reach their goals in this industry.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Actors Academy’s channel and course are for anyone who is hoping to improve, develop, and grow their craft. This channel has truly been at the forefront of online acting training for the masses. With a funny and kind-hearted instructor at its helm, we’re glad to see a channel as successful as theirs around. Trust us when we say this. We know that the entertainment industry can be very hard to break into and sometimes all someone needs is a little bit of some helpful guidance. They have a strong track record of being able to assist millions of actors from all around the world. As we mentioned before, it doesn’t matter what your race, gender, sexual orientation, geographical location, or financial situations are, the Actors Academy serves everybody without judgment. If you’re truly wanting to improve as an actor, the Actors Academy is your way to go. Good luck on your journey and your development in your craft.

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