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Devin White inks multi-city collaboration deal with Hip Hop Weekly Magazine; talks new music.

For Hip Hop lovers, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine is a brand that rings synonymous with all things culture. Launched in 2006 by Ray Scott (Known widely as Benzino) and Dave Mays, it served as a new alternate publication to their already popular print mag “The Source”. The magazine since its inception has embedded itself into the fabric of Hip Hop culture, becoming a credible source for interviews, music reviews and urban fashion. It’s approximate net worth currently sits around 10 million US dollars.

“Hip-hop taught me everything I know honestly” said White. The singer recently launched a new music platform in collaboration with the magazine brand that highlights fresh acts nationally. “Hip-Hop for me was the conduit for my understanding of perseverance and making a way out of no way. There’s stuff I learned from listening to Jay-Z that no one around me had the mindset to teach. So for our culture, Hip-Hop is deeper then just music.”

The music platform, titled “Imminent Breakthrough” chooses a quality over quantity approach when curating its lineup. “I wanted the artists featured to be inspiring and make you feel that love and appreciation for the craft and genre” said White. “As a spectator to Hip-Hop I feel like sometimes you lose the heart of the music in overcrowded showcases and ‘anybody can pay to perform’ style shows. We just wanted something different that really paid attention to the art and the artist.”

Musically, White is still very much committed to his R&B roots. “Lately I’ve been just working on records that felt exciting for me to put together. Just straight-forward, feel good records that you’ll hear soon.” Said White. “I recently got in the studio with an artist out of DC named Jussydros whose got a crazy sound. He’s apart of a group named JuVell but they do solo projects too. We are putting the finishing touches on some dope stuff.”

The Hip Hop Weekly powered concert series “Imminent Breakthrough” brings its energy to Atlanta, Georgia next month and is currently preparing additional national dates.

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