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Rising Star Len Martin Releases New Single Whopped, Featuring Notable Rappers OMB Bloodbath And Whop Bezzy

Last June 2021, Lenise “Len” Martin, a rapper who has lately been getting a lot of attention online, worked with two hot artists for his single, “Whopped”. He has also been in the industry for quite some time and already has a solid fanbase. However, having the opportunity to work with some of the biggest figures in the rap scene was still a great honor for him.

Like many musicians, Len found his passion for music at a very young age. He has always seen it as art that brings with it emotions, stories, and lessons. As someone who grew up hearing his older brother rap, Len was heavily influenced by the musical genre and decided to take the path to become a rapper.

Rapping and making music were passions that Len pursued ever since he was a kid. At the point in his life when most of his peers haven’t found their dreams yet, he was already set on what he wanted to do in the future. For this reason, Len spent his youth with music at the center of his life. However, it wasn’t until much later that many opportunities opened up for him to share his talent.

Len gradually built his reputation from undiscovered to a rising star with tens of thousands of supporters on YouTube andInstagram. Through these platforms, he was able to show the world his music and make his dream of becoming a famous rapper into reality.

After years of hard work in such a competitive industry, his prominence landed him many projects, one of which is with OMB Bloodbath and Whop Bezzy. They are big name rappers who are highly respected in the field, and they are people that Len personally looks up to.

Whop Bezzy is famous for the energy he radiates through his songs, which led him to sign a deal with the WNC / Atlantic record label. Meanwhile, the female rapper OMB Bloodbath has been on the scene since she was a young kid. Like Whop Bezzy, she has also signed a deal with big record labels,10:22 PM and Love Renaissance (LVRN).

Together, the three rappers have united to bring everyone “Whopped”. The track is characterized by upbeat tunes that make it perfect for parties and other lively celebrations. In fact, the message talks about getting drunk and whopped from partying too hard, which makes it even more fitting.

Through his new single, Len aims to further boost his influence. He has always wanted to move the world with his music, and that will remain his primary purpose for his career. He uses this as his motivation to push through despite the struggles of being a famous rapper and online personality. Len is Currently being watched and meeting with Major labels, but he says he is patient and waiting on the deal of a lifetime.

Currently, Len is beyond ecstatic to work with such talented individuals, such as OMB Bloodbath and Whop Bezzy. In the future, he aims to collaborate with more artists and have their music reach the ears of millions worldwide. With his talent and relentless dedication you can tell that it will definitely happen in the years to come.

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