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MGR Property Management Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Local Workforce

MGR Property Management continues to serve their properties and the community by providing electric vehicle charging stations to their Empire Towers office complex in Ontario, CA. This addition will allow the tenants and clients of the surrounding office buildings to have direct access to utilize these charging stations for their electric vehicles. 

“I always want to find new and innovative ways to serve my tenants,” Michael G. Rademaker, CEO of MGR Property Management, shared. “Accessible charging stations for electric vehicles has become increasingly desired at commercial properties and creates direct value for the tenants.” 

Several members of the city council and city officials arrived at the unveiling of these electric vehicles to show support for this property improvement in the community. As Ontario is continuing to grow, so is the need to provide quality work places and services for its tenants and residents. Amenities such as electric vehicle chargers allows building owners and companies within the city to appeal to a larger audience of individuals and employees for their buildings. 

MGR Property Management is continuing to upgrade and innovate at their buildings in order to meet the evolving needs of their tenants. The most recent completion of this phase for this project has provided 27 electric vehicle charging stations, totaling 54 charging stations added to the city of Ontario by MGR Property Management. 

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